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Reed, in typical biased fashion you bring up Martin being caught with a screw driver and jewelry that was never reported by anyone as being stolen yet you fail to mention the fact that Zimmerman has a history of violence, including attacking an ATF agent.
Hey any more lies to spread so you can make this all about Martin being at fault?
RVN, the people with the facts, the investigators and the prosecutor don't believe Zimmerman either.
Where do you get your info that ABC doctored the Zimmerman video. In fact, it was the Daily Caller that did so.
What did I post that has been proven not to be true?
So Becca do you have another LIE to support your fantasy about exactly where Trayvon was walking?
Becca you are so completely full of baloney. The shooting happened at 7:00 pm!!!!! Obviously you are so wedded to the scary black man narrative that you LIE to support it!!!
He was staying at his father's fiancee's house for pete's sake.
I love it. You folks are so completely wedded to the notion that this was somehow Martin's doing that you are now saying that because he was not on the sidewalk this somehow justifies Zimmerman pursuing and shooting him...insane. And yet I don't hear any of you discussing the act that truly precipitated this tragedy. No, it was not Martin walking home from the store, it was Zimmerman deciding to take the law into his own hands.
By the way Becca, where are you getting the info about where Martin was walking, as if it matters.
Becca please list the stories about blacks attacking random whites as revenge.
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