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I killed nobody. I had a medical procedure concerning MY BODY.
I'm using some of the arguments I'm reading here from progressives...who are totally kicking gun-nut a-ss formulating the argument I intend to make to my brother tonight.
FLAGGED!!!!! That organization is no better than TERRORISTS
Tony Montana would be alive today if he had just had concealed carry.
Children raised by conservatives? They all turn out just like Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston....gun owning morons. My children will devour the great workks of literature and go on to become leaders.
So blacks just went from 13% to 16% in a wee? Wow, thats some achievement.
I can make a call right now & go buy a gun right now if I wanted to. But I refuse to live in fear and view my fellow human beings as potential killers.
We need to start thinking about re-institutionalizing the mentally ill.
Happens all the time. Gun owners are upping their chances of being SHOT TO DEATH 75% when they buy their first gun. So maybe we should be nicer to Giles.....he may not be long for this world. I KNOW Tuttle isnt.
I didnt mean to sleep...I went back to bed though
Lots do. In fact, parents that own guns lose their childrn to accidents at a hideous rate....this is never mentioned by gun nuts
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