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Thats it. I'm done for the day. I have a thick skin......but this is just getting ridiculous and ruining this website.
Especially not after the entire Congress goes blue in 2014
Gun related crime refers to stuff like robbery and brandishing a gun in public. UK has only 35 murders per yr in a nation of over 100 million
I've taken psychoactive and even psychotropic drugs at various points in my life......am I a Natural Born Killer just waiting to go off and take lives? No. There's more to it. Theres something WRONG with young white men in this world....an evil inside of them.
LOL This from an alleged "science guy".... DNA cannot be damaged or altered. It doesnt change
The rich ARE going to pay their fair share. Gun owners ARE going to stuck with much harsher gun control laws on ownership and sales. 2013. Year 1 of the Progressive Age
Is Doug Giles armed during his "sermons" at his make believe church? It probably helps to be, when you pass around the blue kool-aid for everyone to drink.......
The children I will have now that I'm within sight of 30 and looking to settle down.
I'll bet you would be easier to surprise and take out than Mrs Lanza..
I killed nobody. I had a medical procedure concerning MY BODY.
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