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Arrest George Zimmerman

omapian2 Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 7:01 PM
Not only is there a speedy trial clock, the accused is afforded a number of rights including the suppression of evidence obtained post arrest that would otherwise be permitted to justify a warrant for an arrest. There is absolutely no advantage to a premature arrest just to satisfy a mob of journalists.

In the whole swirling political/media uproar over Trayvon Martin's shooting, only two things are indisputably clear: A 17-year-old boy is dead, and George Zimmerman shot him.

Nothing we can do can bring Trayvon back. It's clear from all versions of this event that Trayvon did not deserve to die. It is not clear whether his death is a result of murder, manslaughter or what the law calls "justifiable homicide" -- a legal term for an intentional death that is not a criminal act.

The other thing we can know for sure is that this case has exploded in the media in...