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HaHa A Kerry fact finding tour, you know he never got within 1000 miles of danger, and if the fool obumma threatened to attack anyone you know he already has a line of retreat figured out. Don`t they just make you sick?
Haha Denis3957 suck it up, you was duped like the rest of us. Yet you continue to believe this charletan is your savioor.
Ooops, I meant ... just let me know how....
Oh, woe is me, do you really think they would? If so, count on me to help in any way I can.... Just call me
could'nt have said it better myself olranger, keep it it up.
Thank god there is a flash of light for America. After 4 years of tyrany, treason, and illegal actions perpetrated by the bafoon in chief. A breath of fresh, air rather than stagnant gas.
I`m thinking our rights were more earned with millions of lives than being a gift from anyone. Now more lives may be spent gaining them back.
The name cloowney says it all.
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