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Gees, and all the Pre & Post Election Polls indicated that Voters Number One Concern was the creation of BW Jobs; and restoration of the Economy. That job needs to be done first! No if's, and's, or, but's about it! That was the message; and the GOP has two years to do something; or, they too, will pay the price. The Election of 2016, will be tough enough; as it is already being billed a the Year of the Woman! Seems like, Rich, White Men cannot keep their promises; balance the budget and be Fiscally Responsible; or, stay out of foolish, and very costly Wars. Show some mettle, GOP, and create good Jobs!
Even after Victory; the GOP Spokespeople above are skewing the Agenda. The number one concern of voters is restoring the Economy; and creating Breadwinner Jobs. It has been stated over & over, again. Yet, not a Word; about Jobs in the Article above. Get a Clue; and provide Jobs as you said U would do! Yet, U won't & can't! It was all a Ruse! Count this as the first Casualty in, what is sure to be - - a long list of broken promises. Personally, I am not surprised by this serious omission. The intent to create jobs was never really there in the first place. Just an Election ploy; and, the Suckers bit!
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The Audacity of Hopelessness

oligarchyrising Wrote: Sep 27, 2013 12:10 PM
It's always about Color - - Bro. Well, if you are a young, ordinary, "whitey;" in 30 years U will likely get to feel the sting of discrimination. The Rich, Whites; are consolidating Power & Position; knowing what' coming; but, the Rednecks on the Streets will have to deal with the fact that they are now a Minority in America. Black America is holding firm on it's numbers; Hispanics are growing fast in number. Whitey, on the other hand, put greed, selfishness, and personal aggrandizement, ahead of having Children. Thus, White America is on a fact track to a great reduction in numbers. Imagine! Eighty Million - - mostly White, Baby Boomers will be gone in 30 years. Hispanics have built most of the Country in the past 30 years; it is fitting they should inherit it's Leadership. Politics will be very interesting in the coming, new demographic age.
May have been true - - initially. Not today! Too experienced, logical, and intelligent. Hillary is a good thinker as well; but seems to process information much slower. Today; Obama is killing the GOP with simple logic & analysis; which often-times - - make the Opposition look Stupid and Selfish.
Not another Dumbaugh! Got the making of a Sequel: "Dumb & Dumber." Trying to push a rope earns them the title.
John, I gave you credit for being smarter than that. Think we don't have the equivalent of Death Panels now? Think we can afford to spend $150,000 on every patient that has a terminal illness with 3-6-9 months - - Tops, to live? Yes, if one has the means to pay for it. Otherwise - - No. You must know that. The Term, "Death Panels," is used only to scare the emotionally charged - - uneducated! Be fair. With so many, many elderly; and, many without good health insurance; under a prescription of keeping everyone alive for terminal illnesses at Taxpayer Expense; makes me wonder about your Fairness - - or Sanity! We can't pay for the System in place now; that is costing us 2.5 X that of other Developed Nations. For just once; try to be Honest & Realistic!
Great piece of truth and analysis. Throw in cost of AFG; and, cumulative effect of the Tax Cuts for the Rich; and, total indebtedness exceeds $4.5 Trillion Dollars. GOP pay for those follies? No, it all went to the National Debt. One must know by now; that the GOP Borrows & Spends - - they don't pay for a thing! They haven't supported a Tax Increase in 25 years!
Why not consider hard facts; instead of ridicule and racism? Failure to do so makes you look stupid!
Sorry, that would be a, "No," Henry. Reagan's own W/H Budget Director - - David Stockman has said two things of great import: Nixon Junking the Gold Standard in 1971; which, essentially began the DEFORMATION of Free Market Capitalism; thus, giving rise to a State Controlled Economy; and, second: Stockman called the GOP TARP Bailout in such a short time; the most Anti-Democratic; & Anti-Capitalistic Law ever passed in Washington D.C. TARP was $750 Billion of CORPORATE WELFARE, unmatched at any time throughout History. Sad part; all the money went to Rich Bankers; who were largely responsible for the Crash of 2008. Bailouts and Corporate Subsidies are characteristics of SOCIALISM - - not Capitalism!
Don't kid yourselves. The Deformation (demise) of Capitalism began 43 years ago, when Nixon took Country off the Gold STANDARD! Standard means rules and a line in the sand. Standards mean consequences for violations. Printing Money; and, "floating," the Dollar based on Trust and Good Faith; which, among Money Interests - - there isn't much of that; and never has been - -may well bring the entire Western World Down. After WWII; we were the Nation that pegged the Dollar to Gold; at, $35 oz. We earned, "Reserve Currency Status." We gave our word; and, both LBJ & Nixon betrayed that Trust! LBJ was a slick, dirty old man. He borrowed money to pay for both, the Vietnam War; and his Great Society Program. He thought he could have both, Guns & Butter. He couldn't without raising taxes. Nixon followed. Facing a Recession a year before his Re-election; he ordered the printing of more money; and, unilaterally, ending the Gold Standard! LBJ - - Dirty Old Man, you say? You bet! After the President was shot; LBJ became a, "lurker," of sort; sniffing around Jackie every chance he get. She was much too wise, for the likes of that old Geez & Pervert.
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