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And the women in Congress are coming to Rice's defense, claiming the complaints about her are race or gender based? Last I heard, Hillary is a woman, and a significant percentage of Obama's administration is black. Do these folks never get tired of playing the race and gender card? Does it not occur to them that her actions after Benghazi reveal a total lack of competence to be anything other than a puppet for Obama? That has nothing to do with race or gender.
At what point do outright lies to the American people, even if not under oath, rise to the level of an impeachable offense? Not to mention all the other underhanded acts by this administration.
Perhaps "gifts" was an unfortunate term to use, but any of you who think this election was not bought and paid for by the Obamanation are downright delusional. Romney should have said "payments," instead of "gifts." Jindal is just the next of the RINO's (following Christie) to pile on, in hopes of jumpstarting his own 2016 campaign. We don't want all of the minorities--just the ones who value conservative principles and a little common sense; otherwise, we are just like the left.
There seems to be at least a little confusion as to whether Obama or Panetta actually gave the order in this instance, but, be that as it may, Clinton didn't give the order when he had Obama in his sights, And, would bin Laden even have been on Obama's radar screen, but for the enhanced interrogation techniques that put him there? Obama probably would not have given the order if he had any other choice; he would have preferred to have bin Laden "mirandized" and tried in NYC.
Harry Reid is the quintessential symbol of the Democratic Party--a jacka$$..
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