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Merry Christmas, Comrades

OscarL Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 10:31 AM
"It guarantees the right for civilians to bear arms, yes, but for a "well-regulated militia." That means police and military." Are you really that stupid MrL53 or is it an act? If you are in the military or police you are not then a civilian, so you contradict yourself. And when the Constitution says "the people" that is exactly what it means. In truth you could use the 2nd amendment to argue the case that the state has the right to issue a weapon to every mentally able adult, in case it's needed in times of war and/or civil unrest. You can never use the wording within it to take the right of the people to keep and bear arms out of it. Try harder next time, you're embarrassing yourself.
slk Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 4:56 PM
It says the people's right to bear arms shall not be abridged so there can be a militia. There is no mention of membership in any group. Consider: A well tuned car, being necessary to the security of people needing to evacuate in a storm, the right of the people to keep cars, shall not be infringed. Do we only allow people to have the cars if they live where they might have to evacuate? Can they only have the cars if they are members of the "Need to Evacuate" group? Can we take cars from people who have no need to evacuate--at least not at present?

Wendy60 wrote: The neoconservatives are the reason why Boehner is not putting up a fight. The neocons do the thinking for the Republican leadership on all matters of strategy and morality in politics. Boehner wouldn't take a dump if the neocons told him not to, and if they told him to do so, he would strain for hours. Neocons want tax increases, because paying higher taxes is a sacrifice. Neocons believe that the little people have to be forced into sacrificing for the "collective self," i.e., the state, because that is the only way to preserve the social order. What they...