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Discord and Disarray Won't Help Obama Legacy

OscarL Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 4:18 PM
What do you mean he saved us from the mess Bush created, in case you haven't noticed we are still in the same mess only worse, less money, less jobs, everything is getting more expensive. Plus we are 16 plus trillion in debt, yea good job big O. And why is it you people on the left are always the ones bringing up race if we are the racist. Put some pants on I think I hear your mommy calling you to dinner.

Barack Obama is said to believe that he can win the political fight over the sequester. That's certainly the conventional wisdom.

And there is some evidence to support it. When you ask voters who will be to blame if the sequester occurs, Obama or "congressional Republicans," they're much more likely to say they'll blame the latter.

Obama also comes out on top when you ask whether they will blame "Obama and congressional Democrats" or "congressional Republicans."

There's reason to wonder, however, whether reaction after something happens will be the same as what people predict before it does.

Voters are not always...