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New Jobless Claims: Totally Expected and What to Expect Next

olerocker/bluesman Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 1:09 PM
Now the gov. is counting part time workers as full time....more jobs are going to 29 hr. week, insurance has went up 30% or more for full time workers...large companies like JC Pennies, Radio Shack, K Mart, Sears, ect are shutting down hundreds of shops all over the country....which means thousands of jobs go with them......Obama laughs.......Ole Reid cares less......and the House sits on its butts writting checks for obamas spending......shame.
swawrzynek Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 9:39 PM
Our local, Genesee county, EDC, gave a LARGE WNY Veterinary practice, a HUGE break, on a new building they are erecting and the practice they are taking over. It was related to 4 New Jobs, being created. Readem and weep ! They are now advertising for Part-time JOBS ! In fact, they held the public hearing, and the ground-breaking on the SAME DAY. THEY JUST GAVE, THEMSELVES, OVER 10 percent wage increases and our County Legislature, APPROVED IT. Don't let the ^%#* door hit ya in your %&$#*, as more people MOVE out. It is the EDC's JOB, to create Jobs. What is Genesee Counties Population today, VS. 10 years ago? How many JOBS, have been CREATED ? How many JOBS, have we lost? Loew's? Answer that, Annie Lawrence !

As we expected, the number of new jobless benefit claims jumped from the low level reported in the previous week. Let's show where things stand now, then get to some analysis - our chart below shows where we are with respect to the most recently established trend for new jobless claims: