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Gun Control Takes Center Stage

olerocker/bluesman Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 12:33 PM
If the country was serious about deaths by guns, they would go afer the cause........dope dealers, gangbangers ect.....has anyone seen a shooting in a crime by an NRA or CC with licensed person?.just an example.....only the bad and crazy kill people....fact...but you will never see the mayors go in and clean up their cities of the trash that is causing their problems..some cops won't even go into areas for fear of being shot......the blame their problems on honest owners of weapons.
3129 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 5:20 PM
Our mayors do not fear the criminals and dope dealers. It is us honest citizens that Bloomberg and his half dozen goon squad of "bodyguards" hired to protect him from question asking reporters that they fear. Impeach Obama and Reid. Viva la revolucion.

The race to further the gun-control agenda in the wake of last month’s tragic shooting by a crazed gunman in Newtown, Connecticut is moving into high gear. The Grand Old Lady of Gun Control, California Senator Diane Feinstein, last week introduced a bill that not only seeks to reinstate the 1994 “Federal Assault Weapons Ban” (AWB), but goes far beyond the scope of the earlier law (which expired a decade later) in undermining Second Amendment protections for law abiding Americans.

Feinstein’s proposal specifically targets 157 modern sporting rifles -- or, as she almost gleefully refers to them, “assault weapons.” In...