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I have often wondered how this country has fallen so low.......I am old enough to remember what it was like to be free and now I cannot do anything before asking the government for permission or find out I have broken a law that I knew nothing about done by ex order......then get lied to boot.
The folks in the military spending to much time in combat situations can have mental problems, this one did and should have been given a section 8 discharge and given treatment from the VA.....Doubt it will never happen because of not enough enlistments and no draft to keep the military in shape, means this will probably happen over and over.
I have had enough of this gay stuff.....people work who are not married, split, single, or just married should not have a problem with getting work....the gays are going after all of us because we don't bow to them when passing.....time for them to go back into the closet or quit bragging of what they are.......they are not the only ones taking up space on this planet.
Why does the Feds have to raise wages, let the States decide on what it should be in there State.....
O is afraid that is billion dollar a year vacations would have to be cut, and Mooch will not stand for that.
First time I ever heard of it........human can be traced back as far as 150,000 years plus.
We are already under control, just looking out for unions now.
These players are not employed by the colleges, they have scholarships same as any other student can earn with good cannot unionize some one who is not being paid a kids do not receive a paycheck.....moot.
Ole lady Peloski needs to thing where she would be today if her mama aborted!
Stop and read what you just do you pay your bills without a full time job? Or does welfare pay them for you?
Constitution intent was for no government to establish a state religion......that's why this country was formed was to get away from forced state religion plus being a place to put criminals.......
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