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Ah yes, a liberal judge friend gets to make the nice.
They all have taken the same oath, then stepped all over it.
Go back to the 50's, they started to get the swing of it then, google "The Naked Communist written in the 50's by an FBI agent.....all has come true now, not much time left before O will be a real dictator.
The Speaker of the House will NEVER do what is right.....time for real change in the House.
A manageable fix for O is NOT to do anything to hurt his muzzy brothers.......he has no use for the US, and like he said when running the first time, he wants to change this country.......and he has kept his promise.
Ok then nuke em.
Remember what happens when his lips are moving..........reaction but never any action.
Next he will tell us that a stupid question he asked of Big John Stud, a pro. wrestler, did not cause Stud to break his nose.....he is suppose to be an attorney, but with this article, I don't know, he does not believe in the 2nd then how about the rest?
Goes to show that an E-5 is not qualified to handle the job......wonder about the General.
You did good AliveinHim........
What it this had been a black cop killing a white youth? Never would have heard a word from Holder, Obama or the rest of the blacks.......a crime is a crime no matter what race.....Holder need to butt out.....all about the black vote.
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