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O uses the same speech for every scandal..........what a loser.
The libs are setting up for a big fall, when the truth comes out and they find they did not have a say about anything then they will cry foul again.......remember, the repubs had no say about the Health care law. Why? Because the libs would not allow them to have a voice.........what goes around comes around.
Sounds like another Harry Reid, what ever he can get no matter what.
Great news but who will do anything about it? NO ONE.
You best check out the President who signed off on those treaties and I will give you a hint.........C l I n t o n......he sent jobs to China. I'm old enough to remember when no foreign country could buy land or companies in this one over the border with out the proper papers baby boomers had nothing to do with selling out the was the government.
so young and misinformed......not been around long enough of tie your own shoes and spouting Socialist cra........
Prove guess is you still in school.
What generation?
CAUTION..........O's mouth is moving, lies are leaving at a rapid pace, all to get your mind off what else he is screwing up.......
Yep, not a good dog catcher person to vote for alright.
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