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All newbies in Congress go through 3 or more weeks to become DC trained, then there is no difference except those few who won't be trained.....then they become traitors to the party......the rest are all the same, just different names.
Better check his approval rating again mush head.
Yep, looks like some one put a whippin on him........had a couple of doctor friends say the same thing.....hmmmmmmmm.
It may be important but I doubt it will make a difference....listened last night to some of the young at a ski resort answer questions, few knew who the first pres. was, what the second world war was or who with, one girl asked about Iran, said she was to busy with her own life to worry about such many more dummies to post....don't look for these kids to vote don't have time, to busy having fun on daddy's dime.
She likes the attention, but I doubt she will much garbage to haul to the debates and she knows is the libs who are trying to keep this wanna be going......their only other is choice is Biden, and not really much more of a choice.
The rich have nothing to do with abortion....if you would just stop blaming what ever you don't like about the rich and use you head, stop and think......Korea, and the Nam war were never won, why? Meant to be.....this was the democratic party wanted it away with the men in war, no babies....after Nam, the democrats manage to made abortion legal with Roe v. Wade.....told the women it was their body so if you don't want the baby let a doctor kill it for you....problem solved......much smaller wars now....don't fret though, always be a "war" going "1984."
When will O quit flying around the country for no reason, and do his job? Oh, right, never.
They just don't get it......the 1% have been around since for thousands of years and see no way they will just the way things are, and I really don't give a damn if they are rich.......never wanted to be rich myself and have lived a great life.....Marxist need to leave this country and go to Russia and see if they really are Marxist.....
If this happens, who will give money to support the greedy ones in D.C. who have been in office for years? Problem is O is running out of tax payers vacation money.......
You need help bad........O is a pansy, he wants to be the lawmaker and that is not his job, did you get to keep your doctor? Has your insurance raised in price? Do you want him to control the internet? Do you like open boarders? Do you like him meeting with Castro when there is a law against it from the sixties? many lies and to many die from these decisions he makes......but it really makes does not mean much in the end, the democratic party is long gone, and the republicans are following suit, once DC trained they become one behind closed doors.
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