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I hope he likes it hot... I've heard that Hell gets pretty toasty
I graduated high school weighing only 122 lbs at 5'7". and I ate like a horse. I always had a double lunch, and usually had a package of 2 pop tarts in my locker that I ate between lunch and the end of school. Being physically active keeps the pounds off and growing kids need the extra calories, especially if they are involved with sports. The food should not be decreased, the gym class participation should be increased... (key word being 'participation')
Pacing himself might prevent a heart attack
If it was planned, you wouldn't be getting an abortion... Planned means "thought of in advance so there is no 'oops' moment". You can't "oops" a baby and call it planned when you decide to kill it.
One more reason why I will be leaving the country for 4+ years if Obama is re-elected. This crap has to stop somewhere. If Holder is let off the hook today, then this will surely be the most pathetic day in the history of our court system!
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