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Middle Fingers at the White House

ole47 Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 4:23 AM
Slackjawed bunch of lowlife Effin' PIGS. They should have never been invited in the first place. Even Oblabla was embarrassed by these sicko's - and that's hard to do, my friends.
Imagine this:

A future Republican president invites Tea Party leaders to the White House. Some of them have themselves photographed standing in front of a portrait of President Barack Obama with their middle fingers extended. They then posted these photos on Facebook with the caption "F--k Obama." (Needless to say, the F-word was spelled out.)

Some questions:

1. How much coverage do you think the national press would give to this?

2. How would Democratic -- and Republican -- leaders react?

3. How would Tea Party activists react?

The answers:

1. The mainstream media across America would widely report what had happened and repeatedly show these photos. "The...