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I say again, Reid will just "table" them until we have a Republican Senate.
Sort of hard to do when every House Bill is tabled by "Dirty Harry" Reid. The most we can do is get rid of the Democrat Majority in the Senate, so that these bills will actually GET passed.
IMHO he grew up quite respectably in the Corps. Semper Fi!
Like I said, predictable.
Geez you\re predictable.
Try to smell the coffee, or is THAT forbidden on the ObamaDiet?
This COULD possibly be a VERY bad thing. If he's able to muster enough black idiots to do this, who's to say whether the gun shops won't be looted by his mob of criminals? The only really legal way to keep this crap from happening is for EVERY CITY to DENY his "Parade Permits." Then, the Police MUST watch his every move and be ready to stop this nonsense.
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