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Maybe they can prop up Edward R. Murrow? A little makeup, some new threads, and you might not know he was dead.
Sorry, Looney Lois - Benghazi was a real scandal. Sad that Logan got sucked in by a liar - but the facts on the ground are not changed. Obama was more interested in packing for Las Vegas than to do his job as commander in chief. The only epic failure I see is your intellect.
I stopped watching CBS altogether after Mike Wallace did his usual smear one time too many. The only exceptions I have made in the past 10 years are for sports events - and they have to be darned near Super Bowl status before I tune into CBS.
Watch him when he speaks - when he is hiding something, lying, or just uncomfortable with what he is saying, the left side of his mouth turns upward into a sneer.
Sorry to burst your bubble, Joel - but lying is considered a resume enhancement for liberals. He will probably become editor of the NY Times or the Washington Post,.
Don't even want to know how you know.
This is just so confusing. Republicans have ALWAYS wanted to get rid of Obamacare, so what is new? I am scratching my head and trying to think of a single issue when the Republicans held the Congress and the Presidency where Democrats did not do everything possible to stop the Republican agenda...lie, cheat, distort. Slowing the rate of growth in spending was the moral equivalent of stealing food from babies.
but he is 100% idiot
There are so many lies, how can anyone possibly claim that any specific lie is the most outrageous? And the media follows suit, claiming Michelle is practically the reincarnation of Jackie Kennedy. They neglect to mention that Jackie was a beautiful woman.
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