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No Longer a Republican

Old Vince Wrote: 13 hours ago (7:34 AM)
I think the GOP deserves the scorn Matt heaps upon them. However, I d not see critical mass being reached for a 3rd party...if it were, the TEA party would be organicaly successful. Would I love a true conservative to win and lead our country? Yes, yes, yes. 100% But will I vote for aRINO lke Romney if he is the nominee? Yes. Better to have half a loaf than go hungry. And let's be clear - if Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren decides to apply her war paint and beat the drums in2016, we will regret not voting for the (R) because that squaw will make Obama look like a conservative.
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Two Cops

Old Vince Wrote: 13 hours ago (7:24 AM)
Let our presidet strap on a flak jacket and ride with a cop patrolling "the 'hood." Let old Barry see for himself how his brethren act.
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The 20-year Demise of a Blue State

Old Vince Wrote: 13 hours ago (7:19 AM)
One of my biggest gripes, as a Texan, is the people who move here to escape the soul crushing effect of liberal policies.....but want to vote Democrat when they get here. Texas is successful for a reason and it is NOT because our state is filled with bleeding heart liberals and lazy slugs who make a career out of welfare and food stamps. Vote for the Republican in any race, and you will be right 99.8% of the time.
If Obama had a son, he'd look (and act) jst like Brinsley.
Here's why he has to be found sane,RickG........his sentiments against the police are shared by liberals everywhere. Those liberals who hold office have to hide their distaste to get elected, but ordinary libs and progressives hate the cops and it would not do for the shooter to be found sane because that would idict most Democrats as well.
No, you can say that.
Sad for these cops and their families at Christmas. Why could this fol not have hated politiciansinstead?
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A Despot's Tale

Old Vince Wrote: Dec 21, 2014 9:35 AM
I am uncertain why the entire senior management team at Sony is not incarcerated. After all, comrade Obama's DOJ slapped the maker of an "offensive" video into the pokey for insulting (allegedly) Islam. Sony has done worse - they have mcked the boy wonder of North Korea.
Yikes...I neglected to include comrade Bill de Blasio. He's going to have a tough time during his administration since he has lost the police, firemen, and EMT crowd.
The nation owes a big "Thanks" to the "Rev" Sharpton and the dynamic duo of Obama-Holder. We can now see a direct link between their community organizing rhetoric and two dead cops. Perhaps even our brothers and sisters in the 'hood can see the results of our resident race baiters.
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