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Sticks, Stones, And Thought Crimes

Old Vince Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 10:02 AM
But what about free beer and hot dogs? Are you too cheap to give these po' folks what they really want?
Hey - that may be me. I have been made to pay incredible taxes all my life to support the inane war on poverty and other social welfare programs. Bring those ungrateful slackers to the bar of justice, and make them repay me.
Liberals whine that companies export their production jobs outside the USA, but somehow cannot grasp the correlation of union wages and the cost of production.
When they have made a mistake, they argue that we need to look into their hearts and minds and determine their intent - regardless of what the law clearly states. However, when they consider the clear words of the Constitution and the amendments, there is no room for clear words and/or intent - because the Constitution is a "living document" and we have to read between the lines to find things like abortion on demand and food stamps.
Deeply disturbed? Passive Aggressive? Histrionic? Sociopath? Or all of the above?
You are exactly right - but while the House could impeach the president, there is no way we could get the braying idiots like Patty Murray and Barbara Boxer to ever vote to convict. The downside? This would be the fuel for the fire Democrats and Media types would use to demonize Republicans in 2014 and 2016. Obama may be the lowest form of human life (and a Kenyan to boot) but he is a brilliant politician who knows that he could shoot heroin on TV and the public would continue to support him.
How about Alan Grayson - who lost his seat due to his stupidity, and then won it back in the next cycle? Floridians have to be stupid to vote for DWS and Grayson while dumping Alan West.
How can that be?
A lie is not a lie for Democrats - unless the truth proves otherwise.
Maybe the UN can get together and award NY state to Israel so there can be peace in our time.
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