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Start with drug testing welfare/food stamp recipients. Then assess their spending habits. If they can afford to smoke tobacco, express themselves with tattoos and piercings - maybe their need is not as great as we might think. Finally, make them agree to a birth control implant so there are no future welfare mouths to feed. Cruel? You want our money, you play by our rules.
And who says prayers are not answered?
Ever take your meds, J.74?
Mr. Hawkins - maybe next week you can start on more friendly lists like the top 10 reasons liberal women are all ugly, or the top 10 reasons to IQ test registered Democrats.
Liberalism is a mental disorder
You mean "redefined wants to be rights," right?
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Old Vince Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 11:24 AM
History has shown you wrong, Eric.
Eric Holder has a lot of race cards. He has a very big deck. Most black men have big decks.
Sure you do....black men and women, illiterates, felons, dead people, people on welfare. Surely you can think of a few others.
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