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Obama Never Admits Green Failure

Oldtrader43 Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 10:08 AM
Green Faulre! I would call this a "Green Scam on America"! Nothig was built or put into prodution. All that happened is: friends of the administration got to steal $2.3 Billion (or whatever number) through inflated salaries, fancy office furniture, perks and golden parachutes ( the largest piece if the executive pie) which is probably the most egregious slice of this entire corrupted mess,
geotay Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 10:42 AM
That is not ALL that has/will happen. Much of that money has/will be re-routed back to the White House for this campaign.
Birdman III Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 10:54 PM
and the neat trick is that when he loses, he gets to keep all the excess money from his campaign funding
geotay Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 2:20 PM
Which, in a sense, would be worth it.

If he succeeds in his run for a second term, President Obama doesn’t intend to tone down his efforts to push for green energy. Instead of learning from his mistakes, he plans to “do more.”

During his recent sit down with Steve Kroft for the interview that aired on 60 Minutes, the President was asked about green energy—though the clip was omitted from the program that the American public saw.

Kroft: “You said one of your big campaign themes was that green energy, the green economy, was going to be a tremendous generator of...

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