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Cecile Richards was very confusing and contradictory. She was portraying the butchering of 30 million babies as some process loving care and support of women's rights and need for all women to have these services at their disposal. The loving care and teatment part was enough to make me retch when I thought about nearly dead, late-term abortion babies laying on the cold dirty floor fighting for thier lives just befor they were brutally murdered by uncaring abortion doctors!
Mochelle Obama is talking about an irreality which never happened. Her husband was cosseted and groomed by the best Socialist that money can buy. He went for free to the best schoiols which he was not academically qualified for, supported by Communist money and Arab privilege from his rich arab roomates. On the other hand, Mitt Romney worked hard for wahat he has, he was never given anything or curried favoritism coming his way due to racial preference. Mitt was successful because he was smart and worked hard. All Mochelle knows is about her $8 miilion in vacations at taxpayer expense and maintaining that standard of living for the next four years. This while her husband pillages the Constitution and Christian institutions.
Bill wants Hiliary as President, but in order to get that, he has to prostrate himself and sell his soul to the devil, in the form of Obama. Waiting in the wings for four more years in order to advance his Hiliary agenda! Interesting that they would use a job factoid that is 18 months old in order to make their job creation disgrace into something positive. Bill's entire speech was sureal and disingenuous in its appeal to the masses. Bill did not even seem to believe what he what saying himself. This was not the confident, "bowl them over Bill" with facts and numbers to support his agenda. This was Bill who has been caught with his pants down and is trying to convince us that he is not somewhere that he should really never go.
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The Democratic Mask Slips on Israel

Oldtrader43 Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 9:43 AM
For shame Obama! You have lead your people into the spiritual abyss! You call yourself Christian, well start acting like one! This disgraceful display toward Isreal and toward our God who protects us from harm despite our human failings, only shows how far you have fallen and the depths orf you degradation morally. You are obviously in many ways, not fit to run this country as POTUS! You are less than the man required for that job!
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Twilight Zone Week

Oldtrader43 Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 9:33 AM
Thank you for saying what I have been thinking. Watching some of the speakers during the DVC, one can get really confused by the mental shell game of what was, reallly wasn't. You eyes and mind are tricking you and the reality is not where the truth is. The truth is their retoric and we should believe that and not what we see or know to be true!
Get your facts straight! The KKK was started by General Nathan Bedford Forrest a Confederate General who later became a Democratic State Senator in Tennessee. All of the members of the original Klu Klux Klan were Southern Democrats after the Civil War when the KKK was formed.
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