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Oh come on folks, get real. Obama won because he cheated in the four states that would win him the election. You stiffs who wirte all of this nonsense from the brick brain emcampment that is Washington DC don't relly expect us to believe that Obama won fairly, even Obama doen't believe that!
I think that you should have to prove that you are not an ignoramous to have an opinion published by the media. Some brick-lip like Costas who does not know diddly about the Constitutions and such has never been quoted about anything other than sports until he speaks about about the Second Amendment. Who votes that Costas knows anything about his amendment at all? Who cares?
Jbrantly, your little Athiest sign will burn with you on the judgement day. So until your time comes you are just being tolerated by the majority in the meantime. I would rather do something with my life other than just being tolerated but the majority, wouldn't you?
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Obama Never Admits Green Failure

Oldtrader43 Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 10:08 AM
Green Faulre! I would call this a "Green Scam on America"! Nothig was built or put into prodution. All that happened is: friends of the administration got to steal $2.3 Billion (or whatever number) through inflated salaries, fancy office furniture, perks and golden parachutes ( the largest piece if the executive pie) which is probably the most egregious slice of this entire corrupted mess,
This man Ahmendinajad, must consider hinself the savior within Islam, like Mohamad maybe! Just as President Obama seems to be considering himself as the Messia, a position held only by Jesus Christ BTW! Both of them issue blasemy and apostacy evey time they open their mouths and the broach the topic of religion. Read Obama's remarks about Jesus' srmon on the mount, if you do not believe me! Now the usual punishmentsfor the madness of thinking these thoughts of primacy about yourself result in excomunication for Christians and a horrible death for Muslims? Why is the media allowing these things to be said and published without appropriate criticism of these men's madness?
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Tribe of Liberty

Oldtrader43 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 8:21 AM
Absolutely! The US Government is there at our will. We are not at their will! The Silent Majority is sick of Hessein Obama and this entire big muslim joke on America. We will have our say in Niovember!
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Obama’s God Fails Him Again

Oldtrader43 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 8:18 AM
Obama's only God is the failed experiment of world dominance Socialism! It will fail here as well and Obama will become a small foot note. The Great American Silent Majority is pretty sick of Obama and will vote in November to let his know how they feel!
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In Defense of Pro-Life Men

Oldtrader43 Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 10:38 AM
I have heard some of these Liberal, emancipated (in their own eyes) women locally, who say that men are incidental in the lives of these women. Most of these women are in Homosexual relationships and have no use for men per se. These are the same women who demonise men who believe in family and support of the wives financially and sprititually. However it has never occured to these women that: without men, they are a doomed race! I am somewhat pro-choice to the extent that women have some say over prenancies in the first trimester but not after then. At that point, it becomes an ethical problem about killing a growning human being. This is especially true of late trm sexual preference abortions which are gruesome murder in my opinion.
Who cares what Elizabeth Warren, Sandra fluke and Bill Maher think about Christianity or anything else for that matter. None of these people have the cred to even have an opinion on these matters, frankly. Plus, who is listening to these unqualified cranks and their ax which they grind continually. Sandra Fluke his a round heel nobody, whom no one should pay any attention to! She has no qualifications to even have a public opinion, let alone one which is echoed by the media endlessly, she is a convenient tool! Just as is Elizabeth Warren is, who has spent most of her career mouth synching with Barrack Obama in the White House. She has no mind or independent thoughts of her own, just what has been placed in her mouth by Barrack.
Cecile Richards was very confusing and contradictory. She was portraying the butchering of 30 million babies as some process loving care and support of women's rights and need for all women to have these services at their disposal. The loving care and teatment part was enough to make me retch when I thought about nearly dead, late-term abortion babies laying on the cold dirty floor fighting for thier lives just befor they were brutally murdered by uncaring abortion doctors!
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