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Politics and the G-word

Oldtrader3 Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 7:43 AM
Unlike Lazarus, there is no redeeming grace for Obama. He will just stay dead! That is if the Lord has anything to say about it.

WHEN I LEARNED last Tuesday that Democrats, breaking with past practice, had dropped the word "God" from their party platform, I dispatched message via Twitter: "God is mentioned in the 2004 Democratic platform 7 times. In the 2008 platform, once. In the 2012 platform, 0 times." I included a link to the National Journal story where I'd seen the details.

Within moments, that tweet had taken off. To my surprise, it was retweeted hundreds of times — an early indication of the backlash about to engulf Democrats in Charlotte over their platform's language on...