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The fault is with the Fifty plus years of Black Politician's and Demacrate rule and control and Black contractors and some white and Union boss's making Multi Millions off the Black and White Tax payers and business's in this City.
EVERY Federal and State Employee should be on Obummercare after all their Union Reps spent over 500 Million pushing it and I'm sure they all Voted for these Socialist commie.
The Demarcate Senate lead by Harry Read and Obummer for the last four years NEVER brought up a budget sent by the House three times a year for four years, would not let any of them go to committee or allowed to be Voted on, there has been four appropriation Bills sent to Harry Read were not even looked at as well as 22 hundred other bills passed and sent over from the House. The reason why you say its because you cant blame anybody for the spending if you don't vote on it, you just pass a continuing resolution and pass the Buck down the road and blame somebody else for the problems in which Demarcates are real good at..
I was in the Military for 22 years and never seen a Chapel closed and any Chaplain ever barred from preforming services even in WAR zones until we got a Muslim for a so called Leader of this Country and our Military. I really don't care anymore about the Debt the Demarcates want to keep increasing Ill be deader than a door nail one of these days soon but the younger crowd are going to pay though the noise one of these days and when all free bees are gone its a going to be a wake up call for the crowd that's always got their hand out for somebody's else's money real soon. Look what happened to Turkey and other European Country's when the Money for hand outs ran OUT.
This should be a wake up call for Veterans and Americans in this Country, the Progressive Socialist Demarcates in this Country ONLY have one thing on their mind and that is to increase their Voting Block and none other. Anybody with a 8th grade education knows that 15 to 20 Million Uneducated, untrained workers are going be in Poverty all their lives and will have to be subsidized in Medical benefits, Housing allowances and Food subsidies and of course all Education paid for by Tax payers. This Country already has anywhere from 15 to 18 present unemployment with another 5 Present working one or more part time jobs. The Demarcates as people are getting older and more educated and seeing half their pay check going to Tax's for programs and people that wont support them selves are losing support more more everyday and most are realizing what's going on in the real world after getting away from their Socialist indoctrination in the public Union school system.
Get your head out of the Meth pipe and out of your grandmas basement and act like a man. No body said they was conservative some of their shows might be. The news part is news.
Plain and simple if it wasn't Unions and the Black welfare crowd there wouldn't be Demarcate Polictions and they know it, so which is more import and to a Demarcate Poliction Votes or some old person that most likely don't vote. Waite until this Obummercare gets fully in gear and you will find out if your old and have problems you better hope DR. Cavorking is still a round.
All while a 64 year Black bus driver watched saying he is not soused to interfere, while I'm almost 70 and something this driver is not I'm still a Man, they may have kicked my a** but Ill guarantee you I wouldn't have sat there like some ignorant low life and let them try and kill this kid. If it would have been three whites beating a Black he would have done something.
Every swinging d*** and the ones that don't have one in City Hall is a Demarcate and Union do I need to say any more. Hope and Change is coming to your local Demarcate Government and its all George W Bush's fault..
Who cares he should fit right in on this channel that is about to go broke, he is a a** ho** everybody that either works for him or with him has said and most of the people they got are in the same boat and its going down, heck the weather channel does better in the ratings.
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