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We Need More Growth and Prosperity to Boost Charitable Contributions, not Bribery in the Tax Code

OldTimer Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 2:04 PM
I believe there were charities long before the 16th Amendment and the multitude of 'special interest' considerations of exemptions, deductions, 'allowances', credits and other forms of what appears to be bribery included in the tax code. However, once 'the People' give politicians the power to levy taxes and spend the money, it matters not what the tax code really is because if there is a penny left in the hands of the 'ordinary citizenry', then those politicians (or those with 'government power') will covet that penny until they can find a way to take it. It is almost to the point that there is very little difference between the tactics of politicians and organized crime and many think that government tactics are even more brutal.

I’m a strong believer in fundamental tax reform. We need a system like the flat tax to improve economic performance.

No tax system is good for growth, of course, but the negative impact of taxation can be reduced by lowering marginal tax rate(s), eliminating double taxation of saving and investment, and getting rid of loopholes that encourage people to make decisions for tax reasons even if they don’t make economic...