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Obama's Got the 2,528,336,632,909,751 to 1 Job Answer

OldTimer Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 8:01 AM
Any 'statistic' coming from this Administration that makes the economy look good is suspicious. It would not even surprise me to learn that the 'deficit', as horrible as it is has ALSO been 'adjusted' downward from the truth. Of course, my suspicions about the veracity of liberal controlled government provided information about most things has bordered on cynical since the assassination of JFK.

Last April, we were asked to contribute a question to Tim Kane's quarterly survey of economics bloggers for 2012-Q2. After reflecting on the potential causes for the very statistically unlikely number of upward revisions to the number of new jobless claims filed each week over the past year, we submitted the following question:

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the advance number of seasonally-adjusted initial unemployment insurance claims filed each week has been revised upward in 56 of the past 57 weeks. If this were a coin toss, the probability of that...