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Obama to Defense Contractors: Break Law on Layoffs and We'll Pay Fines

OldTimer Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 9:30 AM
When "liberal' state and local elected and appointed officials tell their law en forcement officers to ignore or disobey federal law and Mr. Obama follows suit by telling INS agents to ignore or disobey laws, and fights virtually every effort to get the invasion by illegal aliens under control, why should anyone believe he would not find other ways to break the law? In addition, why have we not heard more about Article I Section 7 of the Constitution as relates the seeming UNCONSTITUTIONALITY of the revenue increasing aspects of 'ObamaCare' which was declared a 'tax' by the Supreme Court? After all, didn't that aspect originate in the Senate, noit the House?

Following the surprise drop in the unemployment rate last Friday, I have seen many conspiracy charges leveled against the BLS.

I do not believe any of the conspiracy charges. Had Obama instructed the BLS to juice the numbers, someone in the BLS would surely be yapping. They are not all Democrats. Many were hired under President Bush.

Is Obamacare Responsible for Surge in Part-Time Jobs?

Some stated the 582,000 surge in part-time workers was a seasonal thing based on teachers going...

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