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The Hunter Biden Chronicles

OldTimer Wrote: 17 hours ago (2:07 PM)
Well, having 'connections' is often the ticket to 'forgiveness' for a lot of liberals. Take "Kennedy' and then John Kerry's connections to the Kennedy's and one can only speculate how many of them would have been in prison without the 'Kennedy' connection.
There are some voters and others who STILL believe that if it weren't for Bush and Republicans and 'the Tea Party", everyone who supported Obama's policies would be in 'tall cotton', riding 'the gravy train' to 'hog heaven' and 'the Promised Land' where there, just waiting for them, is 'a car in every garage', "a chicken in every pot", a cell phone always within reach' redistribution 'everything free' Utopia -- and every one who disagreed with Obama's policies would be laboring in 'the salt mines'.
"Tax and spend big government liberals" always love 'free speech' and other constitutional protections as long as they are the ones demanding to be 'protected'. As a matter of fact, they act if those 'protections' ONLY APPLY TO LIBERALS and their 'messages' and 'demands -- and all others need not apply.
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Predatory Journalism

OldTimer Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 1:57 PM
Most of the people targeted by liberals for those 'government controlled' items quite likely can't read or understand 'economics' or the hazards of 'government intervention' in MOST things that the Founders NEVER INTENDED 'government' to be involved with. As a matter of fact, it is likely that the 'targets' only see getting something for little or nothing and not being required to pay for it or pay back the 'loans'. Most of the 'artificial assistance' stuff contrived by 'government' is intended to enrich the cronies, families and/or the politicians and bureaucrats who are controlling the passage, enforcement or interpretation of laws, policies or regulations while keeping those same 'profiteers' in power.
I agree that the Democrats ALWAYS blame the GOP for ALL of the ills -- both national and international -- but without the co-operation of a deceitful media, they could never get away with it. However, this isn't the first time Arab oil has manipulated the oil market, and Republicans have been screaming for 'energy independence' since the first time and DEMOCRATS have blocked every effort to achieve that goal.
"Liberals' taking powers away from 'government' seems unlikely unless the ones being 'deprived' by 'government' are 'protected minorities' and it usually has little or nothing to do with 'constitutionality'. With the appointment of John Roberts to SCOTUS, conservatives felt that he would be a strong force for protecting the intent of constitutional limitations on 'government business', but of late, it seems that something besides the Constitution determines his opinions and actions or he just opts out, essentially allowing many controversial and seemingly speciously flawed rationale decisions of lower courts stand.
In 'close" races, never be surprised at the ability of Democrats to 'find' votes for their candidates. As a matter of fact, I think there are some Democrat incumbents who suddenly moved ahead when someone 'found' a sufficient number to give them the lead.
How many times and how many Democrats in Congress DENY that "the individual mandate" was a tax before the ACA ("Obamacare") was voted out of both the House and Senate? In 2009, even Mr. Obama clearly says it is NOT a tax: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2009/09/obama-mandate-is-not-a-tax/ Then in 2010 DOJ argued that it IS a tax : http://spectator.org/blog/22908/obama-admin-argues-court-individual-mandate-tax Then, once more -- in 2012 -- Mr. Obama again says it is NOT a tax: http://www.politico.com/politico44/2012/06/obama-campaign-its-a-penalty-not-a-tax-127721.html And to add insult to injury, please note that he said "WE are not going to have other people carrying your burden for you" (which is EXACTLY what virtually ALL liberal 'programs' do) It is like the WMD's in Iraq, first all the 'leading Democrats insisted that Saddam had WMD's, but when President Bush went to war over them, practically all of those same Democrats insisted there never were any WMD's.
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Where Are the Angry White Folks?

OldTimer Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 8:15 PM
All it takes for a 'white' person to be adjudged 'guilty' by most of the 'black' community, particularly the race hustling opportunists who 'lead' marches and 'protests' and jump in front of cameras at every chance, but also the race hustling 'liberal' politicians and the sensation creating media and others who wish everyone to see them as 'sensitive' and 'understanding' of 'black' anger and you have a lynch mob mentality that often even gets into the court rooms. In such cases, it seems that it is 'evidence be damned, "whitey'" must be guilty because we have to believe it". In white/black incidents' 'whitey' is almost always deemed 'guilty', often even if proven innocent. The idea these days seems to be that 'justice' only means to placate the angry black (or other liberal politician 'protected' group) agitators
In my opinion, hiring ANY of Mr. Obama's appointees or cronies would not enhance trust in the hiring person or organization, and hiring Mr. Holder would even elevate mistrust. Of course, I would never have hired Mr. Obama for any position a great deal more RELEVANT background information on him.
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