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When does 'tolerance' become at least a two-way street in Diversityville? It seems that those who get the voice of DEMOCRAT politicians and 'activists' such as the unnamed Muslim woman' who DEMAND that 'others' respect THEM, but THEY act as if they NEVER have to respect those 'others' whom Democrat politicians do not speak out for. There seems to be no 'reciprocity' in the 'victim' and ALLEGEDLY perpetually 'offended' over 'something'. When I was a child, such, shall we say 'tantrums' or 'fits' where the characteristic of SPOILED BRATS who were generally taken to the woodshed but certainly not rewarded for bad behavior as we see happening to those politically protected 'victims'.
What is amazing is that those states -- INCLUDING NEW YORK -- seeking to ATTRACT businesses FROM HIGH TAXATION STATES are offering 'exemptions' from taxes for a number of years. Now, isn't THAT a sort of 'INVERSION' about which Mr. Obama finds 'unpatriotic or whatever is his objection? Clearly, even the liberal politician controlled states offering these 'exemptions' or other inducements are acknowledging the damage that excessively high taxes (often to support excessive and unnecessary vote buying spending) cause to businesses. But most politicians don't like a 'transaction' tax stated as part of the cost of a product because they do remember that part of history, and the consequences, when another oppressive government imposed, in addition to other 'revenue collection' me3asures, a very unpopular tax on tea..
Teach these things to children in public schools? How would it look for 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 year olds to learn the unfairness of what many of their parents are complaining about? After all, I believe that those kids (whose parents work and PAY taxes) would talk about what they had learned and then those children might begin asking questions the liberals in the Teacher's Union might not want answered. After all, confiscating some of the money they earned doing chores to give a large part of it to others who did nothing just might not sit too well with those children whose funds were confiscated. It sounds too much like a good idea for liberals to allow such 'education' to come into 'their' classrooms. Really, does it matter to the one victimized whether the bully who takes their lunch money is another student or 'the government'? Can't have the children learning THAT, now can we?
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Harry Reid’s Kingly Tax Dodge

OldTimer Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 9:23 AM
So, if your argument is reasonable, then why not insist that workers demand less pay and fewer benefits? Folks like you seem to believe that it is OK for a worker to demand ever higher wages and benefits for their labor but act as if an investors who expect a good return on their money are 'greedy'. It is NOT the tax code that creates the real jobs, but the investors, some of whom are not rich but want to get 'interest' in their savings or get a 'dividend' on their mutual fund or stock purchases. BTW, where do you think 'government' gets the money it 'borrows'? From other governments or 'rich people who have enough to buy 'tax exempt bonds' and hire tax experts to help them reduce their tax burden. All the hooey about the 'greedy rich' is simply to turn attention away from corrupt and corrupting politicians who want the 'riches' to come in, but to pass through their own grubby, sticky hands first. Who do you think pays for those $10,000 or more a plate 'fund-raising' dinners? Heck, a 'poor' person could probably not even afford the rental price of a tuxedo, let alone even get to the front door.
The observation "loopholes and giveaways are concocted that benefit single industries or companies." I would say that MOST of the tax code was concocted to benefit TARGETED groups, probably for the sake of political contributions or 'thank you' voting patterns. Many times I have asked why there should be 'deductions' or 'exemptions' or 'allowances' or 'credits' for people who have children or get married or operate certain types of businesses -- because such things do not seem like 'equal protection' for a single person who does not operate one of those certain 'businesses'. Of course, politicians don't always like a 'transaction' tax at the consumer level because then the consumer can decide whether or not to buy the product -- unless even the necessities are taxed to help pay for government 'giveaway' programs' -- which, by the way, along with "Income Tax' were NEVER INTENDED OR AUTHORIZED by the Founders or 'founding' documents including the Constitution and /Bill of Rights.
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We Don’t Have to Have More Fergusons

OldTimer Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 11:22 AM
I wonder how many of today's illegal narcotics junkies began their 'trip' with 'free' fixes? Often such 'solutions' begin when an alleged 'friend' offers to give 'help' to get past a 'rough spot. The 'free' help continues until the 'rough spot' is a 'need' simply for the 'fix' -- and then the 'beneficiary' has become the slave to the 'benefactor' -- doing whatever the 'benefactor' demands in order to keep the 'fixes' coming. And that is not much different from the 'assistance' programs that Democrats have created or demanded for over 50 years. Get 'em hooked and their vote is pretty much in the bag 'for the next 200 years', according to Lyndon Johnson's philosophy, it seems.
Unfortunately 'common sense' is seldom a major player in self-serving politics -- unless it factors into getting the votes and 'contributions' for the 'next' election. Quite often (and once is too often) politics plays the major role in 'judicial decisions' while 'common sense is seldom even called as a witness -- even though 'common sense' was one of the largest foundation stones of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
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Holder's Tantrum

OldTimer Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 8:08 AM
Being 'impartial' is NOT the way the current Administration and most Democrat politicians view 'race relations'. Fan the flames of hatred against 'whitey' while ignoring how many 'whiteys' fought against slavery and died in that fight. Also ignored, even by the 'black' race is the fact that the 20th Century Ku Klux Klan was pretty much the segregation and 'keep blacks submissively in their place' enforcement arm of the southern state Democrat Party and when that option became lost, their next option was expanding 'benevolent government assistance' formerly called 'relief' into a full-fledged dedicated body of 'government intended primarily to induce black people to vote for many of those same 'old south' Democrats but even 'new' ones with exactly the same attitude toward blacks as the segregationists Democrats -- tools to keep Democrats in power.
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Race-Based Justice

OldTimer Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 3:15 PM
Is it just me, or is it a FACT that in cases where a 'black' is somehow allegedly or actually 'harmed' by a 'white' or 'not black' person, that those who immediately blame the 'not black' person are almost 100% identified as liberal Democrats -- all of them screaming they want "Justice" when it is clear they want the 'white' or 'non black' person to be adjudged 'guilty' no matter the evidence?
Since 'Islam' not only allows but encourages the 'members' to lie if such lies (or deception) furthers the cause of Islam, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that there are NO 'peaceful Muslims', only 'moles' who have moved into areas and 'seemed' to be something they aren't but in actuality are like spies, traitors or saboteurs. Of course, there are probably folks who would call me an 'Islamophobe', but how can anyone safely trust ANYONE who claims to be 'faithful' to a religion or creed that allows or encourages 'lying' to those who are not 'believers'?
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