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A cow has how many legs? 4 If you count its tail as a leg, how many legs does it have? The answer is still 4, because counting a tail as a leg doesn't make it a leg. The point is, calling something by another name does not change what the item really is hence "extravagant and verbose explanation' is likely to still be just plain old B/S.
Not everyone who gets a refund is 'stupid'. One can not LEGALLY claim more than the actual number of dependents and employers and other fiducuaries are required to 'withhold' amounts as prescribed by law. In other words, in many circumstances, there is no way one can tell the 'withholders' to take out LESS than is prescribed by IRS. So, if one is employed or receiving a pension, there are many ways that a a 'refund' may be due, and we must not forget all of those who get 'refunds' of taxes they never paid.
" But isn't our First Amendment freedom worth the few dollars it would have cost?" It seems to me that to liberals, the First Amendment and other 'rights' belong only to liberals -- who unilaterally have decided that they have the final say whether a 'right' should receive government protection or exercised.
THIS guy?!?!? As far as I am concerned it has been this entire Administration and many in Congress, but unfortunately, the 'jokes', cruel as they are, are on US because there was surely enough evidence to let everyone know that Mr. Obama had no business in the White House after a first term -- , but with enough money and slick operators, maybe even the White House managed to get illegally occupied, and as many believe, occupied by an illegal alien who wants to destroy this nation and the few freedoms we have left.
For decades the programs forced on the taxpayers by liberals have richly rewarded 'the poor' minorities, usually hyphenated, by giving exhorbitant 'benefits' for unmarried teens and women having baby after baby. Working taxpayers get a tax exemption and maybe a deduction but the biggest rewards go to additional TAX FREE 'assistance' and huge tax refunds of taxes called 'refundable credits' although they were never part of their employer's payroll tax payments. http://www.aei.org/publication/julias-mother-why-a-single-mom-is-better-off-with-a-29000-job-and-welfare-than-taking-a-69000-job/
"Bi-partisan"" always seems to mean that 'conservatives' get very little, liberals get what they want and the taxpayer gets a sharp stick in the eye and a kick in the teeth.
Actually, I got the impression that Mr. Gruber was speaking primarily of those voters who rely on the liberal media to tell them what their opinions ought to be -- and then vote for liberal Democrats, and 'race' if there are 'white' Democrats running against the hyphenated ones.
Mr. Gruber could NEVER have pulled this off alone and we all know it. Beginning at the top, whatever 'decfeptions were handled by underlings, Mr. Obama was 'the Boss' and he lied...and lied...and lied. Then his 'leaders' in Congress, not only Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid, but ALL of the Democrats who gave their 'opinions' and voted to pass one of the most complex pieces of legislation ever misconceived without A) Reading it and B) without allowing the oppostiion a voice -- but even then they were only following the 'lead' of Mr. Obama who simply said 'We won the election' - meaning that the voices of millions of concerned American citizens were effectly silenced by a would be king (or emperor.. i.e. DICTATOR). But the 'mainstream media' has to share a majpor part of the blame because they violated the very heart of the First Amendment's 'freedom of the press' intent - which was for the PRESS TO HOLD GOVERNMENT-- INCLUDING THE COURTS -- ACCOUNTABLE WITHOUT REGARD TO POLITICAL PARTY. Once 'The Media' became politicized 'an informed electorate' can only exist via a medium not controlled by politics -- which is why liberals are continuing to attempt to tax the information highway much like the poll tax and other requirements were once used by DEMOCRATS IN THE SOUTH to limit the 'black' vote. It is not just Gruber, but seemingly the driving force of the liberal politicians to gain absolute power over everything -- and naturaly enough, they don't want the truth to get in the way.
Leaving 'government officials' off a 'moocher' list is sort of like leaving food and energy costs out of the 'consumer price index'.
Strange that they didn't give the 'controlling' political party of Douglas County but it appears likely that Democrats are making the rules as the county went for Obama in both 2008 and 2012 and the Congressional Districe is currently represented by a Democrat. It would also be interesting to see if there is any 'evidence' that some of the 'closely tied to Democrats' logos were allowed to vote without incident.
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