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Rampage Shootings: It's the Moral Decay of Society, not Guns

oldtexgal Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 10:18 AM
Seems the conversation is largely gun control, video games, and culture rot. The real issue, as articulated in the last part of this article is the laws concerning institutionalizing unstable, mentally ill, persons. That is what needs to be addressed immediately. If you or I knew of a person who displayed signs of severe mental instability, and reported it to authorities. They can only be held for 3 days for evaluation, then returned to their homes or the streets. Their meds might be administered and condition stabilized, but that often ends the moment they are out the door. ACLU or no ACLU, this has to change!

It should come as no surprise that the rate of mass shootings at schools and in other public places is increasing. The surge has nothing to do with guns, which have been widely available in the U.S. for years. Gun control laws have been increasing. Instead, there is a direct correlation between the increase in violence and the gradual degradation of morals, ethics and parenting. We are cultivating mental illness in our society.

Parents are allowing television and video games to increasingly babysit their children, even though both have become full of gratuitous violence. A New...