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Just another illustration of this Administration's misdirection, and blame transference. Very slick. House Republicans are "obstructionists when Harry Reid stalled 370 Bills passed. Further, the media blames Republican obstructionism on "racism" Back to Holder.... look at his behavior, as well as that of Obama, in the Trevon Martin case. Back further, the media and administration lynching of the police officer who investigated the Harvard professor breaking into his own home. The lack of investigation into Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, and picking and arbitrarily choosing which immigration laws he will and will not enforce. The man is a disgrace to his office, to this country, and his community. Doubt that this nominee will be any different. Obama appoints only those who carry out his agenda.
CNN and Obama just now found out about Gruber, and are appalled! Appalled!!!! Just heard about it! Shocked!!!!! Never heard of Gruber! This arrogant little weasel lamely apologized for speaking "inappropriately" NOT that his words did not accurately reflect his opinon. He might have slipped by unnoticed by media, (with the exception of FOXNEWS, conservative talk radio, and the Internet).... BUT he's on tape not only proudly reiterating his truthful stupid voters, but exposing fraud, lies, misdirection, and theft by Ted Kennedy, and John F. Kerry. Although Obama and Pelosi are shocked, SHOCKED!, Gruber consulted with both, and was cited by both as the impartial expert and architect of this wonderful scheme. This lovely incident should not go unnoticed by the SCOTUS... most particularly CJ John Roberts, buy whose tortured logic, rewrote the legislation in order to find it constitutional. He will have one more opportunity to recover his credibility and honor, when he considers the state exchange subsidies. If he endeavors to rewrite the legislation yet again, then we know he's in the bag for these criminals.
No doubt those who are actually sacked, will leave with their pensions and benefits intact. The obvious fraud in falsifying records is CRIMINAL. Where are the prosecutions? Where is legislation which strips guilty parties of their "golden parachute"? Where is the push to de-unionize public sector employees, and hold "public servants" accountable in the same way private sector workers are?
YES!!!!! There ARE issues with some private insurers. It is not the perfect solution, BUT private insurers are subject to the MARKET. Patient choice for vets and private citizens, as well, holds insurers to account. If there is incompetence in the private sector, the court system works. Try suing the government. They will foot drag until you die, because they have the money and army of government salaried attorneys to keep resolution in court forever, at taxpayer expense!
Don't forget the Dems who retain her as Minority Leader. Methinks she knows where all the bodies are buried. Crazy or not, she's got leverage.
I bear Jeb Bush no malice, but this is not a representative republic, not a dynasty. If he wants to run, fine, but I don't believe, for a moment, he will win the nomination. Perhaps he will be chosen to serve in a different capacity, in a new Republican Administration. A far better outcome for the party, and certainly for the grassroots conservatives. Let's look at Scott Walker, John Kasich, Bobby Jindal... there are other strong capable leaders. New blood! Excellent track records. The Democrats will make an enormous blunder when they nominate Hillary Clinton. She's old news, another Clinton, no record of significant accomplishment, and in dicey health. Let them. She's all they have. All the best to the Bush family. No more Bush Presidents.
Hello, Republicans! The American People have elected you to office to stop this President's agenda! No. 1 on that list of mandates, is to STOP any unilateral executive order granting amnesty! Border security and immigration reform MUST go through the legislative process, be openly and thoroughly debated by the elected representatives of the PEOPLE! It is your mandate to stop this unconstitutional executive initiative! Do not fail! Republicans were also elected to dismantle Obamacare. It was sold to the American people through fraud, misinformation, and outright lies. In the private sector, these scoundrels would be in jail awaiting criminal trial! Repeal will be impossible until this President leaves office, BUT that does not give you a pass on using every strategy possible to free the American People of this burden, and make rational changes in medical care, which should have been made in the first place! This latest proposed approval of Keystone is a political ruse. If it passes the House and Senate, Obama will veto it. There is overwhelming support for it, throughout the country. There should be enough remaining Democrats, who hear the voices of their constituency, and value their tenuous hold on elected office, to override a Presidential veto in a clean bill, approving the pipeline. Those of us who sent 8 and maybe 9 new Republican Senators to Washington, will be watching closely.
Golly, Obama DOES have a jobs program! With a real unemployment rate of around 12%, if the conveniently ignored people who have stopped looking, and part time jobs counted equally with full time, this President is going to invite millions of illegals to the anemic jobs market. Great program for illegals. Not so much American citizens. This administration and Democrats actually believe that this will lock in millions of votes from grateful aliens for generations to come. Really? Even "stupid" middle class and poor people, who will be most impacted by such a move, may recognize that they have been stabbed in the back, and turn away from Democrat/Progressive deceit and destruction. Hope Republicans can block this unilateral executive order. Of course, they will be labeled as racists, uncaring, and obstructionist, but they should not fear. This dictatorial move by the President is wildly unpopular with the electorate. The House and Senate need to seize the power, Obama has usurped from Congress, and force border security and immigration reform to be considered, debated, and crafted by the people's representatives, rather than the arrogant, dishonest, and lawless President.
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Sharyl Attkisson Vs. Cynical Liberals

oldtexgal Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 8:10 AM
In much the same way politicians and their cronies move from elected or appointed office to boards of directors, "consulting" positions, or deep pocketed non-profits... i.e. Hillary Clinton/Walmart. There is a revolving door between media, and employment by whatever Administration is in power. There is necessarily a conflict of interest, and the "stupid" American public is the odd man out. Ms. Attkisson's experience is deeply chilling. She exhibits enormous courage in coming forward with her findings. It is my hope that others who have been similarly targeted will do the same. Don't believe for a moment that she is the only individual who has been violated in this manner. Remember James Rosen at FoxNews? Relentless pressure needs to be brought to bear on the individuals, departments, and media outlets to expose and hold those responsible, accountable.
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Why Mark Begich is Refusing to Concede

oldtexgal Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 7:25 PM
Because he's a Democrat. Isn't Obama hearing the voices of those who didn't vote, and is deaf to those who did? Begich is "hearing" the same voices. Democrats need their imaginary friends,
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The Dense-o-Crats Learned Nothing

oldtexgal Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 11:54 AM
They obviously STILL don't get it. We will have to deliver the coup d grace in '16. Republicans will get zero cooperation from the Administration or those Democrats left holding a white knuckled grip on their elected office. Wish the newly elected Republicans good luck and godspeed. You know why you were elected, you heard our voices. Do the best you can to rein in this rogue President, until his term is up. HOORAY! Worst President in the history of the United States.
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