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Hello! Neither Palin nor Beck hold elected office or represent a significant part of people who hold conservative or Republican views. Impeachment is NOT gaining any traction with this group. Palin and Beck are private citizens, and perfectly entitled to hold and voice their views. Now that the Democrat manufactured "War on Women" is failing as a campaign issue, they're attaching themselves to the non-existent push for Obama's impeachment. It's working with Obama's campaign contributors and the media.
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Cease the Cease-Fires

oldtexgal Wrote: 18 hours ago (9:04 AM)
"....as if they are discussing abstract people in an abstract world...", speaks volumes. Obama, surrounded by like minded ideologues, "academics", and community organizers, has little interest in the consequences of their grand ideas. As they tee up on golf course, clink glasses at gala fund raisers, and discuss what's best for the "masses", the economy, energy policy, border sovereignty, national security, and foreign affairs, go ignored, mismanaged, and on the decline. These are dangerous times, and we are without informed, competent leadership.... An administration which not only spins, but fabricates excuses, and clumsily dodges responsibility. Far easier to schmooze with contributors, make speeches, and demonize all who dare to disagree.
Odds are Pelosi wrote not a single word of the Bill, and didn't have a clue what was in it. Don't believe that most of the Democrats, House or Senate, did. They wouldn't have understood it, if they had bothered to read it! Was penned by "consultants" and special interests, and handed to them for passage. Think about it... look at the intellectual giants who controlled all three branches of government at the time. Not a chance that they could have written the 1,930 page Obamacare monstrosity between the time their overwhelming majorities took their seats in February 2009 and introducd in the House on October 2009. Really? Well, the Democrats own it. Obama owns it. No Republican input or vote. The lies which have been told, ever since, have been lies to their Democrat constituency. Conservatives and Republicans never bought it, and there was no hope of swaying their opinion. Democrat politicians are right.... their party is too blind or stupid to know when they've been taken. Cleverly, most of the provisions do not kick in until after elections, or after Obama is long gone.
Most of this racial animus IS manufactured as a political issue, embraced by the race baiters, grievance industry, and heralded by the press. It's much like the thoroughly manufactured "War on Women" and manmade "Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Chaos" scams. As long as a significant portion of the electorate believe the propaganda, choose not to do their homework, question everything they hear from pols and pundits... I mean BOTH sides, and make informed choices, nothing will change for the better. There will be NO accountability. Remember, Republicans who stayed home last election, because Romney wasn't conservative enough for them, played a large part in Obama's re-election.
Look, I'm a Texan. Over all, I have been happy with Perry as our Governor. Have voted for him all the way. His policies have been pretty consistently conservative. The Texas economy is flourishing. He's done a truly excellent job of promoting Texas and bringing business and industry here. He's been a very good Governor. For the Presidency? NO. He had a golden opportunity to take the nomination last time, and blew it.... badly. The press and DNC machine will shred him. I wish he would not run. There are far better options for Republicans. I would very much like for Gov. Perry to "retire" at the top of his career, with an outstanding record, stay active in Republican politics, live well and prosper. He doesn't need to run for the Presidency. He can't beat Hillary. We need a nominee who CAN.
Yeah, with 70% of our border patrol and law enforcement personnel, tasked with babysitting, accommodating, and filling out paperwork for this flood of illegals, our borders are wide open to the drug cartels and terrorists. Outrageous! It IS going to cost money to treat these people humanely until they are deported, but nothing near the 3.7 billion dollar blank check, Obama is demanding. This whole fiasco belongs to Obama, and his Executive overreach. So cynical is this Administration, that it started contracting for "escorts" and accommodations back in February, but feigns surprise at the border crisis, blames Bush and Republicans. He takes responsibility for NOTHING, does NOTHING, while his chief flunky, Harry Reid blathers confidently that the "borders are secure". The Cornyn/Cuellar Bill is working its way through the house. It is a good first step, and will help alleviate the immediate crisis, but betcha $5, Reid will not even allow it to come up for debate in the Senate. Dems do NOT give a tinker's darn about the detainees, or solving the problem. They have manufactured this tragedy for political reasons.... much like the "War on Women". They have nothing else. It WILL backfire!
They're cowards. Crying "racist" shuts down debate and conversation. It is a strategy employed by those who cannot discuss the issues or defend their positions. Liberals have used it effectively for decades. Sadly, Holder may actually believe it. Whether of not he does, is of little matter. He in a position of great power. He has arbitrarily chosen to drop voter intimidation charges against Black Panthers. He has chosen NOT to appoint a special prosecuter in the IRS targeting of conservative groups. He is very much like his boss. Lawless.Vindictive.
I'd be embarrassed to ask the government or insurance to foot the bill for the whopping $6 per month or $10 per 3 month prescription for BCP's. The morning after pill costs $35. Surely that would not be a recurring expense. Most drug coverage deductibles are $40, at the lowest, so I'd be paying for them out-of-pocket, anyway. This has nothing to do with denying women access to contraceptives, it all part of the manufactured "War on Women". Alas, Democrats have nothing else to run on.
It simply boggles the mind that Harry Reid has been elected to office since 1983.. Senate since 1987! Good Grief! Begs the question... What are the people of Nevada thinking?!?!?1 I think he really IS suffering from senile dementia, now, but he's been a blithering fool for a very long time. Remember his rambling nitwittery "Income taxation is voluntary". That was 2008. In 2003, he was railing against illegal immigration! Prior to that, guess he was simply a corrupt political hack. The country deserves better. Alas, the Tea Party candidate was unable to defeat him last election. Had I been a resident of Nevada, I'd have voted for a prairie dog in preference to Reid, but there he is, controlling the agenda of the Senate of the United States of America! Pathetic.
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