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A Backdoor Tax on the Internet

oldtexgal Wrote: 1 hour ago (10:05 AM)
Horrible idea! Like the US income tax, the European tax started at 3%, and is now near 20%. Politicians can get really creative, once they get a "fair" tax, finding more and more points along the manufacturing chain to impose it, and the consumer is paying for all of it, at the final point of sale. The income tax would necessarily have to be repealed in favor of your simple-sounding "fair" tax, or we can trust the government to have two enormous revenue streams and impose them fairly, and spend prudently. Not a chance! We need a flat tax, with loopholes closed. That is not likely, as lobbyists for powerful special interests have paid billions for the tax carve outs, and politicians can lever a huge stick to extort campaign contributions through manipulation of the ridiculously complex tax code.
anything. We've now sent in "reinforcements", who have not even had time to unpack, and have not been seated. Let's wait to see what they do, before beating and kicking them. They know who elected them, and what is expected. Their job is enormous, and complex. I wish them godspeed. The future of this country depends on them..... and US. It is essential to replace the current tenant in the Whitehouse with a Republican in 2016. This will be a long battle.
He will be lionized by the far left... celebrated even. Sort of like terrorists by their like minded co-religionists. Tea cakes and candies for all. Only problem, this is a Republic, with three branches of government, and the Chief Executive cannot make law, nor make sweeping changes in law, without Congress. Obama is out of control, without qualm, and dead set on usurping the powers of the Legislative branch or the voice of the people they represent. We sent "reinforcements" to join the war to stop this tyranny! NOW USE IT! If it takes shutting down the government, then DO IT. Rein in this lawless wannabe dictator. Don't apologize, don't waffle!
Palestinian leadership profits handsomely from the continued violence, and actively foment terrorism, teach it in schools, and reward savagery. They line their pockets with US aid, support from neighboring Islamic countries, yet the people live in poverty and ignorance. The leadership is fat and rich, and divert what funds they do not pilfer to the digging of tunnels, purchase of arms. God help Israel! The only functioning democracy in the middle east. There will be no piece. There can be no negotiation with Palestinians or any other terrorist state who has no intention to stop pursuing the utter destruction of Israel. The slaughter of the 4 Rabbis and soldier inside a temple is an unspeakable horror. Has there ever been such an outrage perpetuated by Israeli's on Imams at prayer in a mosque? Israel goes to ridiculous lengths to spare Islamic places of worship... in return, the holy sites are used to store weapons and provide sanctuary for terrorists. Then, the world condemns Israel, and calls for Israeli restraint. And we still send American taxpayer dollars. Insane.
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Black Thugs Aren't Black Heroes

oldtexgal Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 10:35 AM
Goes a long way in explaining the mind set of Pres. Obama.
I can't remember.... were there mobs of white people burning down their neighborhoods, and looting stores, when the O.J. Simpson verdict came in? That WAS the savage slaughter of two white people by a person of color, who was acquitted. Just saying. This situation in Ferguson has been fueled largely by outside groups, the Administration, the Justice Department, for political reasons. It is a tragedty for the community, just as the Travon Martin case was. If American citizens do not believe in the judicial process, the right to a fair trial, and rule of law, then all is lost. I ask those who live in Ferguson,... Who do you call when gangs and drug dealers commit crimes in your community.... who do you call when your car is stolen?... who do you expect to patrol your streets?... find lost children? That same police department, which is absolutely under assault. The Administration and Justice Department want violence, to rally voters in 2016. The media is salivating for the story and rating. Rioters are interested in little more than looting. Who really cares about the Ferguson community? Who cares about the cop, who if not indicted, can expect the Justice Department to crush him. His life is ruined, regardless of what the evidence shows. Is that good? After all of this is dropped, after November 2016, who is actually going to submit an application to the Ferguson Police Department. How many Ferguson policemen are making plans to submit applications to other departments or retire? What business will choose your neighborhood to open a business? Who will be left to protect you? It will not be Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, or Erik Holder. They will have moved on.
Are there not enough Democrats in the Senate, who value their seats, to "reach across the aisle", join the Republicans, and actually pass a Bill to approve Keystone, AND override the inevitable Presidential veto? Surely, some of them have heard the voices of their constituencies, who want the jobs, the revenue, and petroleum? Or.... have they been "Obama-ed", and just "stupid"?
The media, with the exception of FOXNEWS, have been lemmings.... There is a perverse information circle... Democrats, Academia, Media... picking up soundbites from one another, and posting them as fact, without question. We saw it with "Global Warming".... the bogus science, as illustrated by Gore's admission that ethanol was worse for the "environment", but he needed the lie for political reasons.... the East Anglia/Penn State fraudulent, manufactured hocky stick data. The Administration is still clinging to the myth, making treaties China, and implementing further energy regulations, based on bogus science. Media, academia, and administration are still doing the dance, while most Americans already know they've been "Grubered", just like we were "Gored".
The statement the President made in Brisbane was preposterous! Just heard about it.... really? To have him dismiss Gruber... noting that he was not on the "staff", without finishing the sentence, that he was being paid exponentially more than "staff" for his consulting expertise! To hear Obama aver that the ADA had been fully debated, was transparent, and everybody knew what was in it... is simply insulting! He, Gruber, and the crew SO think Americans are stupid! Can't possibly remember his refusal to discuss any facet of Obamacare with Republicans, would consider no input, would not disclose ANYTHING contained in the massive bill, before shoving the takeover of 1/6 of the US economy, late at night, on a party line vote, unread by anyone, except for maybe Gruber. It is a fraud of historic proportions! He cannot bring himself to acknowledge the resounding message voters sent by ousting a host of incumbent Democrats! An utter rejection of his policies. Republicans have the power to stop him! I don't care if they have to shut down the government to do it! The government shuts down every holiday, if there is ice on the ground in D.C., and the world doesn't come to an end. The power of the purse has been used routinely to bring resolution to important issues... Yet, Republicans have assured everyone, they will NOT use this Constitutional Power. (Sort of like broadcasting a military serge, and telling the enemy exactly when we'll pull out and go home). We sent 8, and possibly 9 Republican Senators to Washington, specifically to stop Obama's Amnesty agenda, STOP Obamacare, STOP further EPA regulations, APPROVE the Keystone Pipeline! REIN IN this lawless, dishonest, Chief Executive and would be dictator in his tracks! NOW DO IT!
Obama's statement was preposterous! He shares Gruber's mindset. He thinks we're stupid. What is really mind boggling is that he's never lied to Conservatives or most Republicans. We never bought his BS. He was lying Democrats... to his base. Whether it's amnesty, global warming/climate change, the shovel ready jobs, the Muhammad video, Isis is the B team, etc., etc., etc. Who was he trying to convince? His political base and or course the lemming media. Some seem to be awakening to the cold reality that he doesn't give a tinkers darn about them, he's scammed them, thrown them under the bus, and is laughing right on down the road. You know the laugh.. the snicker which accompanied.... "we'll I guess they (the stimulus jobs) weren't so shovel ready".... Zero, zero, zero credibility. He's done more damage to this country than the Islamists could ever accomplish.
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