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It's all Democrats have. Just another straw man. Man caused Global Warming failed. Income inequality is lame. The war on women was dismal. Obamacare is a catastrophe. Energy policy is a disaster. Foreign policy? Groan. All that's left is name calling. Thank goodness, the Speaker's gavel was wrested from Pelosi's hands. Please, may the same thing happen to her equally nauseating peer, Harry Reid.
So she will be referred to the Holder Justice Department. That's really satisfying! It's my understanding that tax status approval for Conservative organizations is STILL being "slow walked", despite evidence of IRS targeting becoming known in 2011. Of course, Ms Lerner was in the thick of the effort to destroy the Tea Party and prevent conservative Americans from organizing, but where are those surrounding her... still empolyed? still in office? on paid leave? transferred? retired? Is Ms. Lerner now drawing her govt retirement pension? Who is paying for her legal defense? Of course, taxpayers are on the hook for this dog and pony show, both sides, just like the for the scoundrels who ran Fannie and Freddie. Bureaucrats have made themselves "bullet proof". They're subject to far, far, different laws than we. Underlings are unionized. The higher ups have fashioned for themselves layers of protection, procedure, and myriad escape roots, to evade justice or consequence. There is ample reason for the overwhelming distrust of this Administration and government, in general.
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Dems Bribe Women with Dollars and Drugs

oldtexgal Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 2:31 AM
The Administration is simply "blowing smoke" again. Any woman with two sparking neurons, knows that a month's prescription of BCPs is $6. Certainly no staggering amount or problem to obtain, without insurance or subsidy. As far as the income inequality straw man goes. It's an insult. Despite all governmental efforts, women STILL often, freely choose to take care of their children. This takes time away from career, and some educational endeavors. It is not a prejudice or "war on women". It's prioritizing. Obama and his crew don't give a tinker's darn about women, or income. If they did, we wouldn't still be burning food for fuel through ethanol production.... the Keystone Pipeline would be built oil flowing....jobs would be created... taxes would be lowered.... revenue to the various government entities would increase, and women (as well as all other Americans) would prosper. No. The Administration is lying. Obama's most recent "performance" was laughable.
Names sell. Not throwing rocks at people who choose to serve, but good grief, aren't there any other competent people from families other than Kennedy, Clinton, and Bush?!?!?! This is the United States! There is no place for "Dynasties". We need term limits, as entrenched career politicians ARE a problem. These people need serve no longer than 12 years in either the House or Senate, then go home and try to survive in the private sector... not down the street in the office of a lobbyist, or on the board of a government contractor. Nothing personal against children or relatives of politicians, but will not vote for one, unless they show stellar capability, which would trump the name.
How is it that TV Huxter/marketer, Kevin Trudeau, being hustled off to Federal prison for ten years for deceptive practices, and the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Gore, et al, are still merrily running around free, employed, and pensions in tact. Trudeau is a piker by comparison. Guess only petty crooks can be held accountable, while the major, all-pro, liars, swindlers, con-men, extortionists, and thieves, continue to operate with impunity. No doubt, Putin and his crew are laughing.
Well put!
What these establishment Republicans fail to understand is that the Tea Party is NOT a "party". The term described millions of Americans who are fiscally conservative, and oppose irresponsible government spending, and crushing debt. Secondly, the massive size, intrusiveness, unconstitutional over reach, and ineptness of huge government bureaucracies. That's IT! No radicalism, No racism, no violence. What the Republican Party had better fear is the formation of a third party. Many tea party sympathizers, of whom there are many life-long Republicans, who wisely chose to get behind Republicans, rather than split the party. McConnell's comments, as well as the open disdain, may well be the catalyst for the formation of a third party, to which an astonishingly large number of disappointed, disillusioned, and flat angry, conservatives will flock. It will be an unmitigated disaster, and a guaranteed win for Democrat/Progressives for decades to come. How in the heck do they think such gains were made in 2010? What do they blame for Gov. Romney's loss. Enough registered Republicans, who could have swayed the election, stayed home. Why? Sure, there was hurricane Sandy. Sure, the Romney campaign chose NOT to pursue Benghazi, or vigorously attack Obama. Yet, could it have been that their luke warm, moderate, big government, progressive-lite, might have been at the root of the defeat? McConnell definitely took aim, and shot himself in the foot. He may well have fatally done the same to the Republican party. Remarkably stupid.
Outrageous! "Potomac Fever" is no minor ailment, it is a MALIGNANCY! He, like so many entrenched office holders in Washington, have not only lost touch with their own constituency, but have lost the concept of limited government or their own oath to protect and defend the Constitution! The Republican Party will NOT support "insurgents"! Why is the IRS continuing to harass, stifle, and target Tea Party organizations? How can this be continuing without the tacit approval of the Republican elite, who are every bit as threatened by grass roots conservatives, as are Democrats. By Golly, his words, and the unconstitutional abuse of governmental power, should absolutely energize the insurgency!!!!! It will be a hard slog, but the tyrants on both sides of the aisle need to be removed from office. It has begun in local and state races, and MUST carry through to US Congress and the Whitehouse, if this Republic is to survive. McConnell is a disgrace!
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Progressives’ Rules Of Outrage

oldtexgal Wrote: Feb 24, 2014 7:03 AM
Not to beleaguer the Nugent comment, but it was President Obama, himself, who first used the term "mongrel" to describe both the African American community, as well as the whites. It was on CBS, The View. ".."When asked about his background, which includes a black father and white mother, Obama said of African-Americans: 'We are sort of a mongrel people.' "'I mean we're all kinds of mixed up,' Obama said. 'That's actually true of white people as well, but we just know more about it.'..." Really? Remember thinking, at the time, it was just another clumsy, inappropriate, remark by this President..... like "Boston police were... stupid". This from the PRESIDENT? Nugent is a rock star, for crying out loud! A private citizen with an opinion! He has apologized. Obama never will, because he looks down on the American people, believes in their incompetency, and makes no bones about expressing his disdain.
OK, the IRS and other government entities are targeting "The Tea Party". Republican establishment wants the upstart grass root conservatives to shut up and go away. Disappointing, BUT I'm wondering if all of us rubes, out in the hinterlands REALLY going away, if the government chooses not to allow Tea Party groups a TAX EXEMPTION?!?!?! I don't think so! Of course it's not "fair"! The actions of the government have been unconstitutional, illegal, and criminal! The entrenched progressive Republicans are going to resist any challenge to their power! No conservative I know, ever thought this would be easy! We must be MORE relentless than they! I want Conservative organizations to be able to be able to operate under the SAME laws as their liberal/progressive/democrat counterparts, without prejudice. That is NOT going to be the case, so the salvation of this republic will be tougher and take longer, but it's doable! Surrender is not an option!
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