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Where Was President Obama?

oldtexgal Wrote: 20 hours ago (10:18 PM)
He's focused on unilaterally granting legal status to millions of illegals by executive order. Bad enough that illegals already vote, but the numbers will mushroom.... forever changing the American electorate. This is a major agenda item in Obama's fundamentally changing America.
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Dear Mitt and Jeb: No, Thanks

oldtexgal Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 11:50 AM
I voted for Gov. Romney. Although he is NOT as conservative as I am, I believed then, and now, that he would have served with honor, integrity, and total competence. Am still mystified that he is not in the Whitehouse, now! Having said that, I do not want him to run again. Of course, campaign for others, and help Republicans across the country. Enjoy his prestige, and spare his family another beating, like was inflicted on them last time. Was also a supporter of both Bush Presidents. Don't have any animosity about Jeb, but we do not need another member of this remarkable family in the Whitehouse. This is not a dynastic society, and I do not believe for a moment that voters should create one. Very much like Govs. Walker and Jindal. Let's not forget John Kasich. I'm a Texan, and want Rick Perry to resist the urge to run. Selfishly, I do not want Ted Cruz to run, either. I want him in the SENATE, representing TEXAS! He's also too new, and do not think he can beat Hillary. My fondest dream is Allen West, but know that's not happening. We must win the Whitehouse in '16, then let's tap these impressive men for cabinet level positions. Can you imagine Dr. Ben Carson heading up HHS? Good things are possible, IF we WIN! Get out and VOTE!
You can be sure that is exactly what will happen, but you watch... the hospital and its insurers are the ones who will bear the brunt of the settlements. The government can afford to keep the healthcare workers in court until the attorneys fees eat up every penny, or the claimants die of old age. No one in the government is ever held accountable.
Hear a really horrifying item on FoxNews, night before last. Seems that Presby Hospital had an electronic diagnostic device onsite, which they use to diagnose West Nile, and a variety of flu viruses. It is also capable of diagnosing ebola in about 2 hours, BUT it has to have the proper software. Since the device is approved for clinical use instead of "research only", Presbyterian neither acquire the software package or use it to diagnose ebola! AGGGHHH! The idiocy continues. This has to be some sort of nitwit bureaucratic regulation via Obamacare? or the designation has tax ramifications. Either way, this is OUTRAGEOUS! So far, have heard nothing further, but seems to me that with a stroke of a pen, hospitals with this device could be enabled to USE whatever software is available to better serve the American public! Anyone listening?!?!?! Hello! Hello!
Good Grief! What an idiot! Of course, she clearly reflects the incompetence and nitwittery which permeates this administration! Feel soooo much better now that President Obama has waltzed out and appointed another Czar! Another Democrat operative attorney, with zero background in medicine or healthcare, but lots with spin while employed by Al Gore and Joe Biden. I'd have preferred Frieden, only telling the TRUTH! I live in Dallas! I'm not in a panic, but am mad as heck at the spinners and liars. Duncan should have never been allowed into the country in the first place, and those poor nurses followed "protocol". It was the Administration and CDC who screwed up the handling of that single case. Of course, we have a local county judge and Dallas Mayor, who have made fools of themselves throughout this fiasco. Thank goodness all of the ebola patients have been removed from Presby, so they can get back to treating people in our community. Heard that the US has only 4 hospitals which are capable of handling ebola patients, and of those only 12 to 14 beds are available!!!!!! So we've funding the CDC to the tune of $6.6 BILLION DOLLARS, and there are 14 beds??!?!?! Who to they think they are kidding?!?!?! It is OUTRAGEOUS!
another worthless "community organizer".
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Irresponsible 'Education'

oldtexgal Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 11:13 AM
Well put! Not only are we decades into the propaganda teaching, and turning out "graduates" who cannot name the three branches of government, but we are further dividing this country by destroying public education. Parents, who can, are opting for private schools or home schooling. Look at the societal implications.... Public education is the last "shared experience", which glues us together. There is no draft. Regular religious practice is declining. We have less in common than ever in my lifetime. Seems our educational system is undermining not only or system of government, but is intentionally dividing us further along racial, ethnic, gender, and political lines. It is a tragedy.
Davis defines what the Democrat Party has to offer in Texas. Is there any wonder Republicans continue to win? Wendy Davis is an embarrassment. Doesn't matter how nasty she gets, or how much money is pumped into her campaign, she's a loser. A lot has been said about the incompetence of her campaign. NO. A candidate's campaign is a reflection of the candidate. The choices are her responsibility. The consequences will follow her into obscurity. Can't happen soon enough.
I was flatly shocked when the very first statement from those nitwits at the CDC was that it was a "breach of protocol"! My first thought was that those sorry political hacks must have stayed up late, coming up with public statements and talking points for a variety of scenarios in the wake of the bungling of the first US ebola case. Good Grief! visions of Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Oblahblahma dance in my head. Always deflect blame! Blame the victim. Blame the video. Blame some phantom "racist". Blame Republicans. In all scenarios, assign blame first to minimize political responsibility! The CDC has no clue what happened or even IF there was any breached protocol. We, here in Dallas, are not panicked or paranoid. We're sick to death of being LIED to! Sick of CDC incompetence! Sick of this Administration's deadly inaction when it comes to travel restrictions. Heck, Obama and CDC are not on the same page with their "sage" advice to Liberia. Obama trots out and assures the citizens that ebola cannot be caught by sitting next to someone with ebola, and CDC warns NOT to take public transportation! Sheer Idiocy! The budget request for the CDC in 2015 is $6.6 BILLION taxpayer dollars!!!!! Don't know about you, but I feel ripped off. Ebola is nothing new... it's been killing in Africa for at least 12 years. This behemoth federal bureaucracy couldn't handle one single case effectively. Didn't have the "manpower" or ability to screen Obama's unaccompanied children on the border. We're sending troops to Africa to "fight ebola". Really? God bless this nurse, who put her life on the line to care for Duncan. May she make a 100% recovery. Had non-essential travel from effected African countries been in place, none of this would be happening.
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Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

oldtexgal Wrote: Oct 12, 2014 11:29 AM
Where is the public outcry for changing Columbus Day..... or the Redskins.. or the rest of this idiocy?!?!?! (Braves, tomahawk chop, Rebels, etc.?) It's flat not there, outside the offices of attorneys, professional grievance mongers and shakedown artists! Most Americans are NOT haters, and get along with one another just fine. We care about the economy, debt, jobs, energy, national security, enterovirus/ebola, dangerous open borders, and the future!!!!! This semantic nitwittery is manfactured distraction, a waste of time and ink!
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