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It's War and Peace, Stupid

oldshortfatboy Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 1:59 AM
They've been common for years, Chip, especially with Mr. Ransom's column. I've long believed he and many others are using one of the programs that let you talk and it types out what it thinks you've said. Sometimes there is no other logical explanation.
"If you’ve helped a black friend move his furniture to a new apartment..." Waiting for the first troll who screams racism because you claim that black people can only afford apartments. And it will happen because they can't read.
I don't have the exact quote, but mayor porker turned it around and said that just one word was out of place in something she hadn't read, didn't know about, didn't ask for, and she gets vilified. Suddenly she's the victim, just like obozo, who doesn't know about anything he doesn't see on TV.
Ms. Kieffer, two points come to mind immediately. First, the dimwit in chief was not a Constitutional Law Professor, he was a (rarely) visiting lecturer without tenure. Second, he hates our military and has no problem with sending them to their death, which he is doing. They are going to their jobs with very little protective clothing, far less than they should have. As far as I can see it, he is trying to kill them and he should be court-martialed for treason and attempted murder of 4,000 people and 1st degree murder of any who die.
That's poorly worded. Of course the paper trail would lead to me, but the firearms were sold at a local beer joint one night when I was drunk and needed a few bucks. It was some guy named bill. Or jim. Or ralph. Or was it tom?
This garbage law shows why I will never again buy a firearm from a dealer and am actively trying to sell most of the ones I have bought from dealers so there is no longer a paper trail to me. The few I keep will be non-threatening revolvers or small caliber semi-autos or bolt action rifles. All others I buy will be from private sellers, and I will never again sign a bill of sale. It makes just good sense to let no one know what you have. Pay cash for ammo and nobody knows about that, either.
Right after Sandy Hook, didn't both obozo and obiden push for more gun restrictions while saying that it they just saved one kid? We've heard that same idiot line for many years, and it never made any sense.
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Staring At the Void

oldshortfatboy Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 3:03 AM
There's no need for regret, Andy. You may have planted a seed to grow. Sometimes that's all we can do, and may be all that was needed right then.
Of course, mayor porker's first comment after the Pastors made this known was to say she didn't know about it. Then she had it changed, a little. She's a lying POS as are all democrats.
Once again chapman shows just crazy democrats are.
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