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Which Government Spend the Most Per Capita on Government Healthcare: France, Italy, the United States, Sweden, Canada, Greece, or the United Kingdom?

Oldschool7 Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 12:30 PM
The last folks you want looking after your health care is the Govt . . . look at the great job they are doing on the Budget, Crime, Foreign Affairs and of course protecting Diplomats. In most European countries a large percentage of the healthcare is delivered by the Private Sector . . . yes they may have "Single Payer" . . . but the Patient chooses the doctor, hospital and convenient time. Unlike Britain and Canada . . . where "Hurry up and Wait" is the mantra ! ! ! "Death Panels" . . . what do you think will happen when over 30 Million souls are added to the Medicare Rolls with LESS MONEY ? ? ? Any mental midgit should be able to figure that one out . . . Sarah was RIGHT ! ! !

What government spends the most on health care?