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How The World Turned Against Israel

Oldschool7 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 3:04 PM
The real welfare queens are the so-called Palestinians . . . who have received untold Billions over the decades yet they still teach their children to hate and strap bombs on them. These posers and followers of the insane prophet of the cult of death never change. Their devil book says that all Israel belongs to them . . . and as long as Israel exists their fraudulent book is wrong! Peace will never exist till the Prince of Peace appears and destroys the reprobates in that famous valley . . .
Bush did spend a lot . . . but Oby DOUBLED the debt from 2009 till today ! Oby is also the laughing stock of the world, has completely screwed up the ME . . . and the US will Never Recover from his Health Care Scam and far-left lunacy. I knew Oby was a joke back in 2008 . . . now the world knows ! ! !
If you have not figured it out by now . . . you likely never will ! Did Reagan not have a Demoncrat Senate and Congress who of course just wanted to save money . . . lol
And why is there so much plastic today? Because the enviro-fascists back in the day stopped us from using Paper Bags to save the friggin trees . . . and now the unintended consequences of lieberal insanity is that we have a far greater problem with plastic. Why is the entire world in such dire straits today . . . unintended consequences of lieberal stupidity be it the environment, unlimited borrowing/spending or incompetent leftist leaders.
Still watching fat Al's movie I see . . . By the way it was not science just the Goricle recruiting "Believers" to the recycled Mother Earth religion.
In Europe much of it just disappeared . . . I believe the big Euro Banks were involved . . .
Another lyin lieberal . . . is anyone surprized?
Energy costs going up dramatically in Germany . . . Wind Farm projects in the North Sea becoming a massive sink hole for Billions . . . the only thing they will produce is subsidies. Germany has bankrolled much of the EU . . . they are not going to get paid back. Many large German corporations are now making noises that they are thinking about moving to Poland and other low cost areas. Certainly Detroit is a mess . . . but compared to Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France . . . a small problem. Who in their right mind ever though that having a currency in common with socialist/progressive neighboring states made any sense. Are these the same folks that took down the borders?
Who ever though this impotent, vacuous, man-child could run a country?
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Random Thoughts

Oldschool7 Wrote: May 27, 2014 2:13 PM
Still stuckonstoopid I see . . . The key words being "terrorism-exporting" . . . Iran easily first, Pakistan a distant second . . . and North Korea ? How many Islamofasicists have they exported? Bet the US is even ahead of them . . .
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Settled Science Brakes Into Cold Sweat

Oldschool7 Wrote: May 12, 2014 1:14 PM
Populations with the highest percentage of smokers . . . are the far-left Euro countries . . . did I mention they are mostly bankrupt ?
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