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Oldschool7 Wrote: Aug 19, 2014 2:14 PM
Unless you precede it with Ready . . . Aim . . . .
It's called a "typo" Fred . . . just can't get good help these days . . . Might have to do with the US school system . . . turning out some of the dumbest in the last 100 years. Another liberal success story . . .
Another commie loon . . . spouting nonsense . . . the ousted Ukraine Pres was installed by Putin . . . the folks wanted him out. It was Putin that made all the insane charges you Repeat. And the Community Organizer in the WH organized all of this . . . laughable ! ! !
A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner nonnymouse . . . you just don't have a clue . . .
A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner
Back in the day an old British General in the ME had the solution to the "Izzzzlam" problem . . . he captured a number of fighters . . . dug a big hole and lined them up and shot them all, but one . . . then while the one watched he killed a number of swine and threw the carcases and blood all over the bodies. Then sent the lone survivor back to tell his buddies . . . this resulted in 40 years of peace in the region.
"develop renewable energy from American sources" ? So we could be like Spain . . . bankrupt and unemployed . . . There is plenty of oil and gas in the US, Canada and Mexico for the next 100 years . . . the problem is the Federal Govt closed access to Federal lands SIX years ago . . . shut down the Keystone pipeline that would have brought 1 Billion barrels a year from Canada to replace Saudi oil . . .
The present situation in Iraq is a creation of the Community Organizer in the WH . . . had he listened to the experts he would have left a US presence in Iraq. He screwed up in Libya . . . he messed up in Syria . . . and backed the wrong horse in Egypt . . . Go back and listen to the Cairo speech once again . . . keeping in mind his friends in the MB were in the front two rows . . . . this did not all happen by accident ! Oby and Biden said terrorism was defeated . . . problem was they did not tell the Terrorists.
"Mann's findings have been replicated numerous times by different investigators using different methods and proxies." That explaines why the IPCC dropped his nonsense from their Summaries I guess! Mann is a fraud and a govt funded loon . . . spouting nonsense. Anyone who has read a history book can see he has eliminated the warm period from the 8th to the 12th centuries . . . when the Vikings lived in Greenland and northern Europeans prospered. Which by the way was MUCH warmer than today.
And almost reformed drug addicts I have heard speak say they started on their path of destruction with MJ. Cartells are shutting down? That is just more UN nonsense . . . they do much more than just sell pot. Seems the Black Market for Pot in Colorado has increased since the govt stores opened. While I believe small quantities should be de-criminalized . . . I cannot wrap my head around a country where ALL drugs are legal . . . it's bad enough today that our education system dumbs kids down and drugs some to oblivion. The cost to the medical system and industry would be enormous. Drug testing in every aspect of life would become the Norm. Talk about losing liberties !
It was also in a curve, so the car in front likely blocked Stewarts view . . . what was he thinking to walk out into the traffic on a race track?
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