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Just like the recent rise of business inversions — moving business HQ abroad — the United States has seen an uptick (up 221%) in Americans renouncing their citizenship. The elephant in the room in both these cases is taxes: both high taxes and burdensome tax compliance in foreign jurisdictions. Instead of facing the problems directly, the Obama Administration has resorted to punitive measures. The shame and blame tactic of calling out businesses who wish to relocate as “unpatriotic” was undignified. Perhaps realizing that using the same strategy with individuals would be even less well received, they went the more quiet, direct route: yesterday, the State Department announced their interim final rule that raises the fee for renouncing citizenship from $450 to $2,350. So those who wish to renounce their citizenship get to buy their freedom by paying a 422% fee increase for the express privilege of dealing with United States bureaucracy one final time. Though this new fee hike is different than the standard exit tax, and on a much smaller scale (dollars-wise), it speaks the same language: punish. All this fee hike does is prove that current administration would rather squeeze U.S. citizens for more revenue, thus likely reiterating to those renouncing their citizenship that being a U.S. citizen lacks the value that it once did. And that is a very sad thing.
They were forced to do so to get around huge trade Tariffs . . . yes ! There is ONLY ONE Taxpayer . . . . if you tax a corporation, does that mean no one pays the tax? That is Faulty Logic . . . as ALL corporate costs are ADDED into the cost of their Product or Service . . . the END Cosumer pays ALL Taxes . . . . FACT !
Corporate tax rate in Canada is . . . 15% Federal and 11% Ontario . . . This is much less than the US rate. Federal Income taxes in Canada are today at 1960s level . . . the lowest in 50 years thanks to the Conservative Govt. Wages in Canada are at least equal and many times higher than the US. Did the NYT not recently declare that "the Canadian middle class are the Wealthiest on the Planet"? This could be the start of a parade . . . as US corporate tax rates are amongst the highest on the globe. Who pays ALL corporate taxes? Why the Consumer does ! ! !
For 100 years Socialism has been failing all over the globe . . . I am always amazed and amuzed by the number of leftists and far-leftists that want to try . . . Just One More Time . . . with the hope that this time . . . it might work . . . that is the definition of Insanity ! ! !
The process Bush set in motion did find the clown . . . did it not? It just took 10 years . . . I know . . . you think Obammy found him . . . not likely. . . Oby has to have a body-guard point him to the Next Tee . . . Obammy did though loose the peaceful Iraq that Biden told us about during the election campaign . . . did he not ! ! !
What about Ambassador Stevens Holder? Holder should be investigated for Waco . . . this guy is a flake . . .
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Oldschool7 Wrote: Aug 19, 2014 2:14 PM
Unless you precede it with Ready . . . Aim . . . .
It's called a "typo" Fred . . . just can't get good help these days . . . Might have to do with the US school system . . . turning out some of the dumbest in the last 100 years. Another liberal success story . . .
Another commie loon . . . spouting nonsense . . . the ousted Ukraine Pres was installed by Putin . . . the folks wanted him out. It was Putin that made all the insane charges you Repeat. And the Community Organizer in the WH organized all of this . . . laughable ! ! !
A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qpy0mXg8Y nonnymouse . . . you just don't have a clue . . .
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