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Democrats: Meh, We Won't Be Apologizing to People for Mass Insurance Losses

old progrmr2 Wrote: Nov 15, 2013 3:55 PM
When people see the REAL costs of these mandated coverage plans, the "stuff" is truly going to hit the fan. What these leftist imbeciles don't seem to understand is that the web site and the exchanges are simply portals to private industry insurance plans and signing up through the exchanges only means that you MAY qualify for a government paid discount. However, these new bronze, silver and gold plans are 30% to 300% more costly than previously available free market plans with more limiting deductibles and copays. The same plans exist through the open market as through the exchanges. Even with the "subsidies" all insurance will be much more costly and all will be surprised by how limited the subsidies are going to be. If a married couple makes more than $62,000 per year gross, they will not qualify and income will be reviewed on a yearly basis (better refuse that promotion or raise, the IRS is watching).