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Damage Control: White House Spins Poor Obama Press Conference

old progrmr2 Wrote: May 02, 2013 12:22 PM
And, what is really, really scary is that Obama truly believes all of the BS and lies he spouts during news conferences and during his "eternal campaign". He is fed this BS by his "inner circle" headed by the that arrogant know-nothing, Valarie Jarrett. He absolutely believes that the implementation of Obama/Pelosicare is going well, Valarie told him so. He is convinced that the majority of the people support his policies, Valarie told him so. He is convinced that a vast majority believes in strict gun control and utimately confiscation because Valarie, and Biden,tells him so. Remember, Obama doesn't read anything or seek his own information, he depends solely on the BS fed him by his handlers. This man is the most isolated...

I guess I wasn't alone in my assessment of the president's rambling, defensive presser on Tuesday.  Stick around until the tail end of this clip for the White House's feeble defense:

"A White House official told me that the real source of the president's juice is the American people.  And on the big issues, this White House believes -- big issues like guns, immigration and the budget -- public opinion is with the president."