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What is important here is to find out who is arming these terrorists. It has to be a foreign government enterprise, not just a rag-tag collection of al-Qaida or unhappy Sunni's. Doesn't anybody in power, at the CIA or Pentagon, ever stop to wonder where these terrorists get the funds to purchase all of that ammunition, RPGs and mortars. Is it Iran? Is it Syria? Is it Russia? Is it China? Is it North Korea? Is it Saudi Arabia? Who is recruiting them? Who is training them? Who feeds them? Where do they get all those "tricked-up" Toyota pick-ups they favor? As always, just track the money. Who the heck manufactures all those AK-47's and those RPG's, who writes to Purchase Orders, who manages the logistics? This stuff doesn't happen by magic!
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Obama's First Tumblr Foray

old progrmr2 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 2:47 PM
Of course they will. And, the more time they spend in today's indoctrination centers of higher learning the more readily they will accept anything their great leader tells them. Yep, these "graduates" are really prepared for meaningful, contributing careers after their degrees in Women's Studies, Afro-American Studies, History of the Cinema, Environmental Justice, Social Issues of the Urban Landscape, etc., etc.
"These regulations cannot have the force of law and must be ignored." We, the people, cannot just sit here and blame the wimps in Congress from not doing anything to halt this lawlessness! We MUST simply ignore these unlawful, unconstitutionally valid regulations. It is American businesses, state governments, local officials and, yes, we the people who are guilty of bowing to these unenforceable regulations, they are not laws, they are regulations with no Congressional authorization. Any attempt by any Federal Agency to enforce these "rules" is illegal. Our forefathers are turning in their graves to see how easily the American people are simply bowing and scraping in front of this increasingly tyrannical Regime. Have we, indeed, passed the tipping point into a dictatorship? Time will tell and these illegal rules will be a real litmus test as to how far our free society has fallen.
Before we cripple the nation's ability to generate economical electrical power, shouldn't some real scientists, rather than a bunch of know-nothing EPA bureaucrats and lawyers, do some real scientific research to definitely PROVE, or disprove, that CO2 is truly a dangerous toxic gas as this blundering, politicized government agency has ruled? And, don't some of you environmental wackos come back to state that there is a "consensus" on manmade global warming and that the science is "settled", because the real facts prove otherwise. There is not enough room here to list the references by reputable scientists and climatologists that take issue with the money-grubbing shysters who are perpetrating the AGW hoax.
What an juvenile little rant. One would expect a lot more self control and maturity out of the "leader" of the Free World (?). How many people out there are scared and more than a bit concerned that we have an individual with such a fragile ego and lack of self control running the country? The instances of this man's limited intellect and immaturity are becoming legend; and don't think that the other major world leaders are unaware of, and not concerned about this individual and his vast limitations. What I fear is that the puppet-masters who created this front man are losing control as his massive ego and irrational narcissism is taking him over and they face losing control of the puppet strings, what next?
More proof that the great majority of the American people "simply don't give a damn!". This is why no matter what the GOP does, they don't have a prayer of taking control of the senate in 2014, or winning the Presidency in 2016. All the American electorate deems is important is what they are fed by the MSM which is now essentially the propaganda arm of the Leftists. When history is written, it will show the fall of a great Republic caused not by external enemies, not due to climate change, not from economic collapse, but from STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE of the great majority of its citizens.
Look at the news! Assad released more chemical weapons on the rebels just last week. Mubarak was replaced ( with Obama's blessings) with the murderous Muslim Brotherhood after flawed elections that required another revolution to remove Morsi. Tunisia and Lybia are in complete turmoil and will possibly fall to tyrannical Islamists and Sharia Law. Good job, huh?
They ARE afraid of Boko Haram; and so, evidently, is Obama!
If it wasn't for the leftwing media providing cover for this stumbling, bumbling monument to stupidity and incompetence of this is so called Administration, it would be recognized for the gaggle of immature clowns it is. The rest of the World knows, but obviously the bulk of the American people don't have a clue. The leaders of the rest of the World, both friends and enemies, know the make-up of this Administration very well and are laughing themselves silly, sad, sad, very sad! This healthcare disaster is excellent evidence of an Executive Branch run by children. And, don't think the rest of the World isn't appalled by the stupidity and ignorance demonstrated every day by these arrogant ignoramuses. What we have is a collection of people appointed not because of their intelligence or experience, but due to the purity of their radical leftist ideology! If you know a foreigner, just ask them and wait for the laughter to subside.
"Not a smidgen of scandal here!". "I promise the most transparent and ethical Administration ever!". "We are committed to ending the culture of corruption of the previous Administration!". Yep, this Administration is as pure as the driven snow, completely transparent and very, very ethical.
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