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It will certainly be JUST a few. The vast majority of A-10 Warthogs have been "de-commissioned". The very few left (probably less than 50) are in the hands of the Air National Guard, which is also being eliminated by this Administration, using the sequester as their cover for decimating our military.
Can somebody explain to me why ALL of our media (conservative, liberal and leftist) keep referring to this army as "Militants". Just what does that term mean, it's something akin to the word "Activist", meaningless. I think if today's Media was around in 1939 they would call Hitler's Nazis "Right-wing Extremists" and the blitzkrieg into Poland an "Illegal Incursion". Call these blood thirsty fanatics what they are, an Army of Islamist Jihad. Can one of you good Progressives out there please tell me why our current Leftist Government shows such little concern for this growing threat, please?
A question for this Schultz (sp) guy. Just what are the abnormal and severe things that are happening that prove manmade, global warming? Is it the abnormally low incidents of severe hurricanes in the last eight years? Is it the FACT that there has been NO global temperature rise in the last 15 years? Is it the fact that most of the models predicting increased temperatures with increased CO2 have been proven wrong? Is it the rather low number of devastating tornados over the last six years? Is it the record high ice caps in the Antarctic? Is it the recent unusually cold summers? Is it the complete lack of evidence of significant sea level increases? Is it the slowing of the glacial melts in the Arctic over the last few years? Just where is the detailed evidence that this Yahoo refers to that proves AGW. Why do these "believers" always speak in generalities, and when they present "facts", those data turn out to be flawed or actually fraudulent (that famous "hockey stick")?
So where is the Congressional Committee that is going to investigate this atrocity? Or, evidently our political elites don't really give damn. These are all future Dem voters in about 5-6 years (unless Obama reduces to voting age to 16 by Exec Order) ; and the GOP is scared to death to make the Hispanics (who will never, ever vote for Repubs anyway) angry. The "stupid" party continues their march to oblivion!
Has anybody asked just how these "children" get from San Salvador and the other non-contiguous countries through Mexico to the border. Are they hitch hiking? Are they taking the bus? Are they car pooling? Are they flying? Are they taking the train? Who is paying the transportation costs of these very poor people? Were they given MRE's to eat during their travels? Just how many of these "children" are really accompanied by an adult? How many of these male "children" are really between the ages of 15 and 18 years old? WE the people don't really know what is going on out there and there is a huge news "blackout" about the entire thing. Can somebody tell me what is really going on?
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A Primer on Race

old progrmr2 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 12:20 PM
Probably a very excellent book and of course TRUE. However, WE all know, and so does Sowell, it won't change a thing. The myths broadcast by the left and the professional race baiters are now viewed as absolute truths by the vast majority of the dumbed down electorate and the self anointed, intellectually lazy elites. Our culture has been all but destroyed by the leftists and the ignorance of a well-indoctrinated public. There is no place for facts or the truth in today's dysfunctional society dominated by leftwing academia, government schools, and a modern media controlled by an expanding radical leftist central authority. The tipping point has long passed!
Do these dem nitwits in Chicago really believe that stronger gun laws will take the guns out of the hands of the tens of thousands of gangbangers roaming the streets of this once great city? They must first accept that they are dealing with an immoral, hateful and corrupt Culture, a culture that celebrates violence and death. The gun, usually stolen or purchased outside of any traditional retail outlet, is the symbol of power on the street. When a man has no accomplishments, no skills, no future, the only thing he possesses is false pride and self respect. The gun is his way of protecting and broadcasting his "manliness" and making others pay if they "dis" him. The solution is much, much deeper than just Gun Control, but it is a difficult and politically incorrect to address it.
Of course HE will ignore the ruling. HE doesn't have to obey no stink'n court on anything. The only reason they rule against HIM is because he's black, oh, partially black, I mean. HE will not give in to Those racists; he is doing it "FOR HIS PEOPLE". All those NLRB rulings will stand, the appointees will keep their jobs. And, NOBODY WILL DO A DAMN THING BOUT IT, BUT COMPLAIN AND MAKE SPEECHES.
We all know what this is all about. This "fugitive", located at this very convenient time will go on the stand in a civilian court and give testimony that, indeed, the attack he took part in was motivated by that YouTube video, just as Obama and Hillary stated. He will go on to state that they tried their best to save the Ambassador after their "peaceful" demo was infiltrated by a local criminal element. His entire testimony will echo all of the Regime's talking points and Hillary's claims. This timely testimony will be well covered by the entire leftist media and the "I told you so" headlines will drown out everything else descending into chaos with this Regime and Hillary's "campaign". Next we will suddenly discover all those IRS e-mails on some remote server in the basement of Harvard Law School and the info dump will show that Lois Lerner is a saint. These guys are really good at hoodwinking the lo-info voters and their worshipful base. The Trolls will have a field day, drowning out all intelligent analysis and conversation!
It's a sure thing. The more the electorate sees of this woman, the worse her poll numbers will become. Can you believe we are going to see 2 1/2 more years of Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. I have no idea what her political strategists are thinking to get her out here so soon. Also, notice in her appearances that she is getting more and more thin skinned. The time will come that she will lose her violent temper and shaky self control publically and will hasten her decision to give up on the whole thing. One can only hope, can't one!
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