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Reid Keeps Digging

old progrmr Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 4:18 PM
It is widely accepted throughout the state of Nevada that Harry Reid is a crook. Just ask anybody who lives in that state, he and his family have made millions on crooked land deals. Ol Harry's net worth rivals Romney's; of, course Botox Nancy and her husband are far richer than either Romney or Reid. Oh and they won't release their tax records since they don't want to expose all of those offshore tax havens they use. I know a person who has all the inside "stuff" on Reid and Pelosi who just waiting for the right time to expose it, I think he is a friend of the guy who is talking to Harry.

Yesterday evening, Mitt Romney threw down a gauntlet for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who had accused him of committing federal crimes in a Senate floor speech.  The money quote -- "put up or shut up," Harry:

This is a strong response from Romney for several reasons.  First, he blasts Nevada's dimmest bulb for his craven and fact-free accusations.  Then, just to be clear, he categorically denies the Majority Leader's evidence-free conjecture. Finally, he transitions quickly into a...