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Reactions from Team Obama: Biden Was “Terrific,” a “Happy Warrior”

old progrmr Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 2:33 PM
Although Biden's performance will certainly play well to the leftist base, as was the primary objective, its major impact was to "turn-off" many, many intelligent woman voters. I don't believe that anyone can understand the negative impact this has had on all but the most liberal and/or most dedicated feminist women. In addition, within the next few days the Lybia situation is going to rise to the level of Watergate. There will be many bodies thrown under that Obama bus, including Hillary's. Just how can Bill Clinton campaign for the person who is going to destroy Hillary's very legacy?
Nana82 Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 3:19 PM
I think the WH is going tp protect Hillary. They have pretty much said that the fault for the Benghazi "cover up" goes to intelligence. And even today they are ginning up the See-they're-still-mad-because-of-the-film BS.

State Dept may take a hit for lack of security but it won't go higher than Lamb. The real story is why was Stevens even in Benghazi? That and the cover up. It's going to hurt Obama but he has to placate the Clintons because if they turn on him, he'll lose BIG.

It's going to be interesting.

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 3:31 PM
Intel problems that somehow can falsely be attached to General Petraeus would be a win-win for Obama and Hillary who don't like military people in the first place. Who can forget Hillary's scurrilous comment about "suspension of disbelief" concerning the General's truthful testimony before Congress?
pow1000 Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 4:52 PM
..but who will believe them?
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 3:10 PM
Maybe he's gonna sandbag Barry..he does that quite well however don't forget when the Hilary campaign came out with the eligibility of the Looting Usurper Bill's good friend and the State DNC Chair was murdered in his office..a warning? They continued until Chelsea's life was threatened ...
It's no secret Bill hates Obama..soo it could get interesting.

Guy posted on the negative reviews Joe Biden’s 'performance' at the debate received, but what were some of the reactions like from Team Obama?

1. Barack Obama

“I'm going to make a special point of saying that I thought Joe Biden was terrific tonight,” Obama said as he descended Air Force One, according to a media pool report. “I could not be prouder of him. I thought he made a very strong case. I really think that his passion for making sure that the economy grows for the middle class came through. So I'm very proud...