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All of those contributions averaged $53 each. This means that most of the money recieved was beneath the $50 limit where it is unecessary to record the name of the contributor. The way the law reads, if an individual submits 10,000 inividual contributions of under $50 there is no need to document the name, or location, of the contributor. There is mounting evidence of automated, programmed contributions of these small amounts through unsecured credit card accounts. The MSM is working diligently over this weekend to put a cap on this potential scandal.
The problem with "progressive", they never look at the statitical facts. Even adding in the cost o the Iraqi war, the yearly deficit during the "Bush Years" never exceeded 600 billion dollars, a little bit more than 1/2 of the ongoing yearly deficits of Obama. I agree the Bush years saw a huge increase in federal spending, but not anywherre near what we see by Obama. The GDP has been nearly stagnant (1% to 2.5% increases) for the last 6 years and the federal expenditures have risen from an historical 21% of GDP to about 26% of GDP under Obama.
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old progrmr Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 4:01 PM
The scary thing is NOT Fox News, it is the fact the polls are probably accurate. We are going to find out that this once great Republic has moved fair to the left and a majority of the electorate is prepared to support four more years for Obama to move the Republic even further toward the Leftist Utopia so many are dreaming of'. .
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Obama Mocks Tax Cuts

old progrmr Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 4:08 PM
Corporation do NOT pay taxes. They only collect taxes from their customers. Those who have no understanding of corporate finance don't understand that if you raise corporate taxes, all the corporation does is increase prices to you, the consumer, to cover the added taxation costs, just like any other cost of productiuon. All taxes are paid by individuals, the last rung on the cash flow ladder. Corporate taxes mean absolutely nothing and probably should simply be eliminated.
The FBI Investigation Team has been recalled because it was determined that it is far too dangerous for an forensic investigation to be undertaken at this time; maybe after the election. And, you know what? It appears this incompetent, leftist Regime is about to be reelected by a Nation of people who are interested only in retainig all their Free Stuff. Of course we have a GOP that is equally incompetent and is running a campaign even worse than that of that loser, McCain.
This man (?) has no self respect. How can any human being lie so overtly and with such a straight face. At some time an individual has to just look inward and say to himself, "I just cannot keep doing this. I am losing all sense of self worth and have trouble looking at myself in the mirror." Or are these leftists just so dedicated to their political goals that they can submerge their own personal honor for the sake of the cause? What a sad, sad man.
I don't believe any attacks in Saudia Arabia, the ME is still a Sunni vs. Shiite powder keg. The Saudis fear Iran above all else.
Yep, his offshore investments sit side by side with the accounts of Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank, Schumer, the Clintons, the Kennedy Family, the Biden Dynasty, Emanuel, Axlerod and especially the slumlordess, Valerie Jarrett. But, oh I forgot it is OK for leftists to be filthy rich, but not Conservatives. The ME is moving toward Armageddon and you are concerned about people's investment strategies, sad.
You will hear no more about this from the media. When will the public understand that this Obama Regime has identified only a single enemy of the "state", Conservatives. Big Sis and the Holder DOJ are mobilized only to protect the Regime from it own citizens they see as the most dangerous opponent. Purchases of millions of rounds of hollow point ammo, expanding FEMA camps, drones watching private citizens, exercises in controlling civil unrest, etc. There is no fear of Islamic Terrorism, why arm the Marines? Evidence shows this Regime is mostly afraid of its own citizenry.
How bout "regulating" the shooters, not the instrument. Oh, we can't do that. Those droopy drawer gang bangers would magically become honest, hard working, contributing members of society if we just took all of their guns away. Yep, that's the ticket, just outlaw those Glocks and those little darlings will come marching in and turn over those evil, unlawful devices and march off to broaden their education and seek lawful, meaningful employement. Remember, even many of the leftists will admit there are 6 million open jobs out there seeking employees, but can't find trained personnel. Without them evil guns, all those hip hop gansta's would rush into those community colleges and get all trained up to fill those job openings.
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The MSM's Hyper-Racial RNC Coverage

old progrmr Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 4:12 PM
Am I the only one that seems to notice that the leftists are beginning to lose it. Their rants are becoming more and more idiotic and there seems to be an underlying sense of panic. Indeed, some of them seem to be unraveling publically. Mathews stress and loss of control is beginning to show rather clearly and the makeup ain't covering it no more.
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