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The Decline and Fall of America

old progrmr Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 2:45 PM
How can we go back to a budget???? We haven't had a damn budget in 4 years, thanks to ol'Harry. I really don't understand how we can be spending so much money when we don't even have a budget upon which to base appropriations. I always thought that only the House could propose spending. How does a Government Official know how much his/her department is allowed to spend, or do they just spend whatever the hell they wish? And, why don't one of you super-educated leftists tell us all just what a "continuing resolution" is and just how are the huge year-to-year spending increases developed. C'mon people, there is something seriously wrong. I agree, go back to the 2008 level of expenditures, something like 22% of GDP, not 28%.
Eileen......You seem to discount the REAL Auto Manufacturing being performed right here in the good ol'USA. Come visit BMW in SC, Mercedes in AL, Hyundai/Kia in AL, Toyota and Nissan in KY and TN, Honda in OH, Toyota truck in TX, Volkswagen in TN; as well as hundreds of transplant parts supplier plants like Siemens, Bosch, ZF, Getrag, Lemforder, etc. Oh, of course, all plants in right to work states and non-union.
A little more info: Getting their hands on accumulated wealth (savings, retirement accounts, personal property) is the key for the Left. The Dems are currently working on such programs. For example, at age 70 1/2 you must take a mandatory distribution from your IRA's based on a government formula so that a portion of the tax sheltered savings can be taxed as normal income. The new program will demand that savers begin making taxable, mandatory distributions from 401K's and IRA's at age 65, rather than 70 1/2. Of course, defined benefit pensions held by Union members will be exempted from this premature taxation. This is but step one. Oh, and if you own your home, just wait on this one, Federal Personal Property taxes!
We must understand that radical leftists like Trumpka and Obama really believe that the deficit and debt are not serious problems. They are convinced that the debt can be ignored as long as interest rates are low and it doesn't cost much to finance the debt/deficit. In addition,in the long term, they have convinced themselves that they can "handle" the deficits by simply increasing taxes, not only on the greedy rich, but also a little at a time on everybody who works, invests or saves. Average taxation in Europe is about 40% and only about 23% in the USA. The leftists want 40% to 45% effective rates here; as well as getting their hands on your 401K, IRA's and bank accounts. Hell, with all that money, what's the problem?
THE FACTS: The Senate has not honestly defeated GOP or Conservative bills, Ol'Harry has simply refused to put them up for open debate and a vote. Not only no bdget in over 1,000 dys (as requred by the Constitution), but nothing else accomplished under the iron fisted ruile of this senile old dolt). Harryis a tool of the Regime, his obectie is to completely neuter the Congress while Obama will rule throuh Executive Oders and illegal regulations. If Romney wins, sombody needs to sit Ol' Harry down and explain how our Constitutional government is going to operate.
Who is Ed Schultz? Is he the inept German prison guard on the Hogan's Hero Show
Although Biden's performance will certainly play well to the leftist base, as was the primary objective, its major impact was to "turn-off" many, many intelligent woman voters. I don't believe that anyone can understand the negative impact this has had on all but the most liberal and/or most dedicated feminist women. In addition, within the next few days the Lybia situation is going to rise to the level of Watergate. There will be many bodies thrown under that Obama bus, including Hillary's. Just how can Bill Clinton campaign for the person who is going to destroy Hillary's very legacy?
Yep, just look at the incredible number of devastating hurricanes we had this year; thank God the season is nearly over. Oh, and maybe he can purchase a whole lot of slightly used windmills from the French, since thay are ready to shut down the bulk of their useless "wind farms".
Why didn't Ryan respond with that FACTs. The only thing that Obama did was: a) Stiffed the bondholders who were legally first in line of creditors; 2) Closed over 900 dealerships with no public disclosure of the criteria for closings (these were independent businesses at no expense to the bankrupt Corporation); 3) Refused to sell Saturn to Roger Penske based on political considerations; 4) Scuttled the orderly bankruptcy procedure to give signficant ownership to the UAW Union. An orderly, legal bankruptcy would have resulted in a stronger GM. Projections are that GM North America will declare bankruptcy again in 2014; however, GM China is doing very well, thank you. The GOP must take on this "saved GM Big Lie".
All of those contributions averaged $53 each. This means that most of the money recieved was beneath the $50 limit where it is unecessary to record the name of the contributor. The way the law reads, if an individual submits 10,000 inividual contributions of under $50 there is no need to document the name, or location, of the contributor. There is mounting evidence of automated, programmed contributions of these small amounts through unsecured credit card accounts. The MSM is working diligently over this weekend to put a cap on this potential scandal.
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