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Typical. Always avoid the truth.
Just one question. When are articles of impeachment to be drawn up?
It's time for the governor to switch parties and stop the sham.
Hey Stephanie, bring it on. I believe you are forgetting that a politician's first priority is getting re-elected. Not what the country's priorities are.
Just so you understand what an 'assault weapon' really is go here and get a thorough understanding. Then keep in mind there is no such thing as 'gun violence' just 'human violence'. Until the human part is dealt with in a serious way, all other approaches are a total waste of time.
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Yet Another Scandal for Harry Reid?

Oldpatriot Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 3:31 PM
Harry Reid is a disgrace to himself, his state, and his country. Class would dictate leaving with his tail between his legs. We don't have to worry about that happening.
Just three questions. Why does Ed still have a job? Anywhere? As anything?
There have been more than enough unconstitutional events to occur at the behest of this President. Still no articles of impeachment on the horizon. Regardless of what this administration comes up with concerning guns, my guns stay right where they are. It is way passed time for those patriots in Congress, if there are any left, to stand up, put their iron jocks on, and tell this President to go pound sand.
Across the nation there are, presently, about 16,000 gun laws. None of which work as authored. Instead of gun control, let's talk about and solve criminal control and single mother fatherless families where most of the seeds of evil are sown.
I have a concussion from listening to the lies for the last four months. Articles of Impeachment, PLEASE!
Arne, your rhetoric initially sounds just wonderful. That is until one really listens to what you don't say. First off, your entire department is totally worthless and should be abolished. Your department has done more to aim our children in the wrong direction than anything in the last forty years. You already know what people think of the public schools and you traveling around the country is just another waste of our money. You know what should be done, you living under a rock notwithstanding. You won't even suggest it, let alone take the correct action. The Constitution means nothing to you and your boss.
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