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Let's all agree that Charlie is one of the more dim bulbs in Congress and America.
By Morgan's logic, he should not have first amendment protection because he is an idiot.
We need a poll to tell us this? Geez!. . .
I have just one question. Where in the hell does this administration find these people?
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More Trouble Than He Knows

Oldpatriot Wrote: Nov 10, 2013 12:18 PM
Obviously you only get your information from the MSM. Miniscule? Wait until the 'employer mandate' kicks in next year. How about 90 million dropped? Miniscule? I think not.
We all knew what kind of beings these congress people are. Now they proved it without a doubt. Their koolaid drinkers don't care and will probably elect them again. Want a definition for 'domestic terrorist'? Here it is.
Well stated.
Republicans? Dead. Rinocrats? Alive and kicking and wrecking the country. Leave it to my Senator Heller to be one of them. I am sure they all have great reasons for voting as they did if anyone is stupid enough to believe them. Whether anyone likes it or not, it boils down to a reward for breaking the law. No verbal smoke can cover that fact. It is disgusting. The Constitution takes another hit and we the people pay. Anyone else smell 1775?
She, obviously, does not teach the Constitution. I think we can all stop wondering what is wrong with the public education system in this country with buffoons like this operating within it.
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