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BREAKING: Democrat-Held Senate Rejects Obama's Horrific Budget, 99-0

Oldpatriot Wrote: May 16, 2012 6:04 PM
Balance the budget, follow the Constitution. Believe those two things get you the label of 'extremist'. So be it. Does anyone on Capitol Hill follow their oath of office? No moral affliction there, no sir! Just politics. Harry Reid is a disgrace - on a good day. The Democrats just want to destroy our country and the Repubs usually go along, though grudgingly. Note John McCain talking to the Dems as I write this. On this new debt ceiling discussion shut the government down! Stop the deficit spending! Since when is it expected that someone earning $45,000 dollars a year to pay someone earning $180,000/yr and continually not have the taxpayer in mind? The whole operation is disgusting.

For the second consecutive year, the Democrat-controlled United States Senate has unanimously rejected President Obama's 2013 budget.  The final vote was 99-0, making the the running two-year tally 196-0.  This move follows the House of Representatives' 414-0 rebuke of the same fiscal blueprint earlier this year.  Astonishingly, not a single Senate Democrat has voted in favor of any budget for three years, even as they refuse to offer a plan of their own.  Democrats have claimed that three fig leaves mitigate this embarrassing spectacle: