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Very possible, but hard to prove. One thing is a probability & that is that Obama will invent some type of false flag event so he can either enact Marshal law or some other event to allow him even more control over we the people.
The Second Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting or self defense. The Second Amendment's purpose is to allow the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government that wants to enslave or kill its citizens. Without weapons the citizenry is at the mercy of tyrants who want power over the lives of the people it is supposed to represent.
They, the anti-gunners are too stupid to understand that criminals & Sociopaths ignore the laws the anti-gunners get enacted by idiots in Congress. Instead of enacting more laws that will be ignored by our criminal elements, "ENFORCE" the ones that are already enacted. There are already over 20,000 gun restricting laws. Do you morons (anti-gun people) really think another 200 laws are going to make criminals obey them? If you do, you need a brain transplant, as the one you are using now is defective. You need to sue your parents for producing a defective product.
More people are killed by skateboarding than by guns. More people are killed by drowning than by guns. More people are killed by drunk drivers in automobiles than by guns. Most people killed by guns are thugs, wanna-be-thugs, gang-bangers or victims of criminal intent. Get rid of the criminals & Sociopaths & 98% of the death by guns will disappear. Since that is the logical solution, anti-gunners would rather disarm us so the criminals & Sociopaths can kill ten times as many unarmed victims. That is exactly what happens in cities with the toughest gun controls - crime always increases, as does the death by firearm. Hey dummies, criminals & Sociopaths ignore your anti-gun laws & you solution is to make more anti-gun laws. Ya can't fix stupid
We need to either ban Liberals or so called "Gun Free Zones". The last bunch of mass shootings have been in so called "Gun Free Zones" & anti-gun people are too ignorant to realize that label is telling the Sociopaths & thugs there will be no armed citizens there to stop them from killing people & that is what they want to do. It is the anti-gun people's stupidity that labels these places. Their stupidity invites these things to happen. Remove the "Gun Free Label" & even Sociopaths will think there might be an armed citizen there who will kill me if I try to kill them. Most all of these shootings have been in Colleges, Schools, Movie Theaters & Churches & all with a common thread. They were all labeled as "GUN FREE ZONES"! Wake up morons!
The .223 cartridge is billed as a medium powered cartridge & is not even allowed for large game hunting in many states. The reason being, it does not have a high shocking power compared to a .308, .270, 30-06 or larger cartridges. That said, I would not want to be shot even with a .22 long rifle or a .17 HRM as either can kill just as quickly as a larger bullet. A 12 Gauge with 00B, 000B or a Slug is far more deadly. The 12 Gauge was the first weapon the shooter used & probably the one that killed the most people. Since I haven't seen the police reports I can't verify that they died from the shotgun blasts. A 12 Gauge at close range is devastating & usually fatal.
Even with body armor, a .380 cal or larger round will hurt when it impacts a person. The fact that the shooter was not really firearm competent, he would have been frightened when the first bullet impacted his armor, as it would have hurt. With a 9mm or larger round, it may have even knocked him down & I know for a fact a double tap, center mass shot definitely would have incapacitated him. He may have just given up at that point or may have run away. In either case, it would have given would be victims time to flee. Some people were as close as six feet from the shooter & if so could have easily dispatched the shooter with a head shot. At six feet even an inexperienced person can put a couple of bullets in a 4" target.
DHS purchased 450 million rounds of .40Cal JHP ammo in March of this year & will award a contract for an additional 750 million rounds of .45 cal, .223/5.56 NATO, .308 cal & 12 Gauge 00B as well as body armor & riot control gear on Aug 31st. Over 1.2 billion rounds, which is more small arms ammo than has been fired in Afghanistan since hostilities started. Since JHP ammo is banned by the Geneva Convention for warfare, DHS must be declaring hostilities on US soil. Evidently they know one of two things & that is 1 - The economy is going to totally collapse & people will riot when there is on money or food or 2 - this administration plans on staying in power regardless of what the election results are. Either way, it is time to arm yourself.
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