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Typical: “Republican” Woman in Obama Campaign Ad is Actually a Registered Democrat

oldnjal Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 10:02 AM
Love the one about how his Mother, dying from cancer, did not have what Obamacare would have brought her. Another lie. She had health care. And I believe she died two years after having that health care help, Moms die of cancer, even ones with honest boys as their children.

First, watch the entire clip (via Buzzfeed):

At first blush, this spot looks like one of those insufferable campaign ads suggesting Mitt Romney wants to roll back women’s reproductive rights, or whatever. We’ve seen that played out before, of course, except in this spot (I can’t say I’m surprised) there is a registered Democrat/left-wing activist caught red-handed playing the aggrieved ex-Republican card. Incredible: ...