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Obama Doesn't Apologize, Doesn't Understand The American Way

oldnjal Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 10:00 PM
Why does one author after another insist Obama is ignorant about how Capitalism and what has made America great has worked. He knows, and hates it. His concern for the Constitution is to find weaknesses and faults, and has utilized two, that have been allowed, and were not abused as much, until him. Executive order. Czars. I congratulate every American that the big lie, The Affordable Health Care Act, has come into the vernacular as Obamacare, which is much less the lie. I congratulate every person who calls these un-vetted pains, Czars. Two unrelated items. By EO, he can take control of all communication. Looking for work, as a requirement in getting a welfare check, now includes getting a massage, and other such nonsense.

The Obama campaign suggested last week that Mitt Romney may have committed a felony by listing himself as Bain’s CEO in SEC filings after he left the firm in 1999 to run the Olympics. As outrageous and inappropriate the claim, President Obama has no intention of apologizing to Governor Romney.

It’s not as though Obama doesn’t like to apologize. However, he apologizes for Americans, not to Americans. In fact, the President makes a habit of apologizing - on behalf of all Americans - to despots, thugs, and countries that hate us, whether or not we have anything to apologize...