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Liberals on the Lying Frequency

oldnjal Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 4:14 PM
Sandra Fluke is a fine looking woman, but full of poison, who does not think it wrong to parasitize others. But she hangs with people who see nothing wrong with it, and those that would weaken us by increasing the number of parasites. Parasitism it is, regardless of how many words are strung together to make it into something else. She gives great importance to the book 'Atlas Shrugged', by being to poster child for the takers.

As easy as it might be to forget them in the cobwebs of the AM radio dial, the liberal pretenders to the Rush Limbaugh throne are still broadcasting, and they're often utterly, shamelessly ridiculous. Case in point: Even Al Sharpton lamely used his radio show to defend Joe Biden's anti-Republican "they want to put y'all in chains" race baiting in front of a black audience.

Another case in point: Liberal radio hosts adore Harry Reid for making utterly unsubstantiated ugly charges that Mitt Romney evaded taxes for a decade. Bill Press has routinely declared his love for the tactic...