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The broad tent, that the Democrats brag about, includes all sorts of extremists, and many a Demographic with a radical cause, like those denigrated by the epithet 'tree huggers'. Name them, and you will find something thrown their way, but they will be set aside, just as they are in China, when Big Government has big controls. Which is, for any thinking person, the Obama goal. They are enemies of 'The People' in China. Go see the film 2016, and their website tells showings and dates, as ads are being rejected and not published. And remember, the money behind Media Matters, The Tides Foundation and many other groups that dictate to the LSM, are funded, in part, by Soros.
I have posted on Huffington, and never did go back to see if the censorial group would allow my Conservative opinion. But it would only have provoked name calling, as they all nod their heads in unison and echo stuff someone told Rachel Maddow. I do not see any official efforts to shut down troll opinion of TH, amusing as much of it is. Fortunately, we have one sane and intelligent poster who speaks concisely for Liberals and draws a spate of anger. We do not get such intelligent posts from the trolls. At least Liberals can gain satisfaction that one Conservative honestly understands them, I don't quite.
Knowing few really rich, and not in the circle of Manhattan Liberals, I may wrongly assume that they look at the amount of taxes they pay, and decide they are doing what they can do to help the poor, the lame and the disenfranchised. Perhaps, even doing more than their share, with the tax rates what they are. And their wealth is evidence that they are the intelligent ones, and the less wealthy the dolts. Now there are, of course, so many exceptions, and many did not start out rich. Only an effort to get into the minds of Liberals, who have no honest answer to Margaret Thatcher's observation that Socialism is fine until you run out of other people's money.
As far as I can see, our community organizer is just stringing us along, while he impoverishes America. He, actually, has appointed people to study the finances, then ignored their recommendations, because it might help us, and he will just keep on saying the right stuff and doing the wrong. If you are one of the people he has always hung with, you will agree with him and laugh, as he plays his game. They approve and advise him how to continue. The Ruler of Iran has done this for years, as he works on the bomb, so this is not the only stall we are falling for. And it seems he has about half the nation fooled. Frances Piven and the President of the American Communist Party must love it.
All Americans need to know who has the President and Michelle's ear, daily, and what they believe. One need not be intelligent if you have intelligent advisers. You only need to have Faith in the same beliefs as the manipulative individual, that has gained your loyalty. The Czar and his wife had Rasputin, if that is how it is spelled, to advise them. A very evil, intelligent and influential man.
How GM takeover varies from actual Socialism escapes me. Seems to fit the descriptions. I wish Romney or Ryan could get on the ball and say turning us into California or Greece is what is happening. I frequently quote Stalin, when he said 'Socialism is a necessary step to Marxism'. Valerie Jarrett probably knows this quote.
I learn, almost every time I read these posts, and wish Romney and Ryan did. Was aware of how Democratic supporting dealerships were left and Republican ones closed, even if the latter were more profitable, but am very angry that that is not known by the people in the dark, thanks to the LSM.
Generally post the same stuff, over and over. Loved the ad where someone asked a young man why he bought a Ford F150. A staged interview as a Ford ad. His response? They did not take a bailout. This ad aired just a few hours, and it angers me as to why, but my next truck will be an F150.
We are getting wind of Democrats that, finally, understand how Obama wants to bring America down, but the general public is unaware, and are likely to remain so.
I am bringing up the film '2016' as often as possible. I do not think it has lies in it, and it exposes the lies of omission that are damaging us all, and making us more divided and poorer. Once again, it goes back to the LSM. One example: Recently a prominent Democrat man admitted to sex with a seventeen year old boy and there were no cries for his resignation, yet we have one Republican all over the news for displaying ignorance about the chances of getting pregnant from rape.
The imbalance in reporting is dire. A few more examples. This article is nowhere to be seen except in Conservative circles. While a Republican Congressman was slammed for behavior in a rest room, and it was a national story, a Democratic Congressman admits sexual contact with a seventeen year old male and that story is nowhere to be seen. A recent event, apparently. His refusal to resign was applauded. The CBO claims more money would be available in Medicare with Ryan's plan than Obamacare. Nothing reported about that. And these are the ones I recall, offhand.
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