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Where have you been, Dude? They've been here, killed a bunch of people, and they have an open border to send more of their people in. Do you not read the news or watch TV?
Since the "middle class" has grown every year Mr. BO has been in office, and middle class income has not grown since he's been in office, talking about it doesn't help.
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Sniper-Smearing in Hollywood

OldMom Wrote: Jan 25, 2015 10:42 AM
It's all about jealousy and money. Moore and Rogen are just jealous that Eastwood's movie is making so much money. It in a nutshell.
Nah, people. Not any of the comments hit it on the nailhead... They called it a security issue. In other words, they were scared to go. The Ambassador? Heck, he's expendable. You just up and appoint another one. Don't need Congressional approval or anything. (I didn't know Mr. BO had any Campaign doners left he hadn't already appointed to something!)
Wait a minute! Chicagoland (but not everything north of I-80) is just a small portion of IL. Downstate, we have all the Abe Lincoln stuff, lots of farmland with lots of farm-related industry (turning soybeans into veggie-burgers and cooking oil,etc; and corn into the corn syrup in your soda pop and ethanol for your car, for instance). There are also a lot of really nice people who wish Chicago was in another state (besides the state of Confusion), so we could get things done. It would be nice if any metro area over a million could be a state, instead of dragging the rest of us down the tubes with them. Sadly, Mrs. O'Leary's cow died.
I think I love ya, Doug! Yeah, coming from the age of MAD magazine, Carol Burnett and Popeye cartoons has been a handicap/blessing for many of us... but, we've always made our point. Satire is better than decking people. (Sometimes it's a close call.) Being a Christian who has actually read the Bible, I totally agree that Jesus would slap these "intellectuals" down and tell us to get off our butts and DO something about the ones who want to take away our freedom, our religion, our God!
Logic: something of the past. We miss it. So, more people quit smoking tobacco. The price of tobbaco products rises. Suddenly, tax money from tobbaco products drops drastically. So, they legalize marijuana and tax the hell out of it! Meanwhile, drugged-up people are on the road, not able to concentrate at work, doing some really stupid things. This is not new. Marijuana has been around for a long time. Why do you think they banned it in the first place? Logic, people.
I remember California wanted to do that back in the 1980s. McDonald's and other national fast food stores have done it... maybe that's why they've gotten so expensive, charging more for less. Their containers, especially the black plastic ones with the clear lids? They won't break up, and take up more room in my wastebasket. Also, they won't deteriorate, like styrofoam does.
Wait. Isn't the real problem disregard for the laws? I mean, lots people never get arrested in their lifetimes, yet, some have rap shets as long as your arm! Good Cops or bad Cops? You're joking, right? They are watched a heck of a lot closer than you or I. One misstep and they're out. Grow up and quit getting a burr under your saddle if you speed and get a ticket!
Chaos, confusion and distrust. What the Communist party has relied upon for a century in their attempt rule the nations of the world.
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